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Where's Willow?

Willow apologizes again and sits down on the curb. That jet-lag from London can really hit you hard. Large signs on the Magic Box indicate that it's "unsafe" and "closed." Anya put her box down and sits next to Willow. They smile at each other. There's a long, long pause during which Willow removes an artifact from Anya's box and then finally asks, "So where is everybody these days?" She sounds a little too innocent, trying to hide the fact that she can't find Buffy. Anya explains that she's moved into her own apartment and that vengeance is taking her all over the world. As she speaks, Willow fiddles with the three-horned skull or whatever it is that she's holding. She asks about Dawn and Xander and then breaks a horn off the skull. Oh yeah. Willow's not going to ruin Anya's stuff anymore. Under Anya's glare, Willow returns the artifact to the box. Anya is interested to find out that Willow hasn't seen Buffy, Xander, or Dawn yet, and suggests that they're probably "still mad" at Willow. Gesturing, she adds that the other Scoobies have been "a lee-tle temperamental lately." She starts to explain about the "mix-up a few days ago" with the Ronnie Worm, but Willow interrupts to ask where she could find the Scoobies. Anya tells her to check the new high school and recaps Buffy's nebulous job, Spike's insanity in the basement, and Xander's construction job. Willow's all, "Spike's what, huh?" Anya tells her that Xander should be at work already, and Willow looks overwhelmed.

Sunnydale High construction site. It's the large excavation we saw in the beginning of the episode. Willow walks up to the fence and calls for Xander. Getting no reply, she clambers down a conveniently placed ladder and walks past the graffiti we saw the kid spraying earlier. She spots something on the ground and recoils in horror. The camera pans downs to scattered clothing and an entirely flayed body -- the kid's, presumably. Guess the props department didn't want to waste the flayed man they prepared for the end of last season. Paint that many veins and you want to get your money's worth, you know? The camera spins around and lands on Xander and Buffy. Buffy makes an "ew" face, and Xander looks away. Xander found the body earlier, then gave his crew the day off and called Buffy "right away" to investigate. "I gotta get a job where I don't get called right away for this stuff," answers Buffy. We hear a clattering noise. It's Willow, frantically hurrying up the ladder, but when Xander looks over, he doesn't see anything. "Maybe Willow is back," says Xander, in reference to the flayed body.

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