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Where's Willow?

Sunnydale High School. Willow, looking very disoriented, walks down a hallway. She finds the basement access door, still marked "No student access" and still mysteriously unlocked. Oh, wait. It's not mysterious, because nobody in Sunnydale ever locks any doors. Maybe they wouldn't need that damn sign if someone would just take a little trip down to the Home Depot and buy some damn locks for the doors. Willow heads downstairs and is shocked when Spike jumps out at her, shouting, "This is my place! You need permission to be here. You need a special slip with a stamp." Whuh? Willow crinkles her brow in concern at Spike's state, but he's off ranting before she can really get a word in. He wanders off from her, talking about walling things up and putting hearts back in. He turns to the wall and addresses it: "You're worse than ever, you are." Long pause, and then Spike slowly approaches the wall as Willow watches in the background. "You've been gone since --" he says, and Willow replies that she had to go. She then tells him she found a body, and he asks, "Is there blood?" Willow confirms that there is, and that she can't find Buffy or Dawn. She continues that the victim was skinned, and asks Spike what could be responsible. Spike turns his head towards her and says, "You did it once. I heard about it." Willow looks very worried and asks if it could be something other than her. Spike has turned his head back towards the wall. He steps forward, and softly admires her: "Look at you. Glowing." When Willow tries to get his attention again, Spike gets very agitated. He steps back, clutching his head, and says he needs to hide. "You know what I did," he mutters, and Willow is confused. "What you did?" she asks. "You didn't do anything, did you?" Well, that's what they've been trying to sell me on the boards for years, but I still ain't buying it. Spike gets an amused look on his face. "Everyone's talking to me." Then, like he's figured something out: "No one's talking to each other." Willow tries to get him to concentrate on her, but Spike roams about, saying that someone isn't there and then, "Button, button. Whose got the button? My money's on the witch." Willow is freaked out and confused.

Buffy and Xander wander about in the basement. Xander notes that blueprints are no good in the basement because the walls seem to move about. Buffy doesn't react to this. What kind of screwed-up life do you have when ever-shifting walls are the least of your problems? They hear Spike ranting, "This is my place! You need permission to be here. You need a special slip with a stamp," and open a door to find him talking about putting hearts back in after they've fallen out. Buffy and Xander walk up and stand directly in front of Spike, and Buffy manages to catch his attention. He walks towards her, saying, ""You've been gone since --" "The church," finishes Buffy. She says he scared her and she "didn't know what to think." Spike nods in understanding. There is absolutely no indication at all in this scene as to when Buffy left the church, or what state or physical location Spike was in when she left. One can develop whatever assumptions suit one's view of the Buffyverse, but there's a dearth of textual evidence to go on. Xander says they've come for a reason. Spike's eyes dart over to where Willow is standing and he asks, "Is there blood?" Buffy and Xander follow his eyes, but see nothing down the hall. They assume that Spike must know about the killing from having seen the body himself. When Spike says, "You did it once. I heard about it," Buffy ignores that and says, "Spike, we need to know who did this." Spike smiles and steps towards her. He surveys her intensely and softly admires, "Look at you. Glowing." "Spike. Please," pleads Buffy, with a quick flick of her eyes towards Xander. Spike's repentant. He steps back, touching his head and saying he should hide his face. "You know what I did," he mutters, and Xander snarks, "Boy. He's extra useful today." Buffy hushes him, and then Spike has a revelation: "Everyone's talking to me. No one's talking to each other." Buffy decides that she and Xander should leave, and Spike calls after them that someone isn't there. Buffy and Xander are still leaving when Spike calls out, "Button, button. Whose got the button? My money's on the witch."

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