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Where's Willow?

Buffy and Xander turn back, surprised, as Spike concludes, "Red's a bad girl." When I first watched it, I could see how this scene led Buffy and Xander to feel even more suspicious of Willow. What I didn't realize until rewatching is that Spike is actually indicating knowledge of Willow creating her own invisibility. Cool. Buffy is worried that Spike's talking about Willow, but Xander dismisses it because of the crazy pants Spike's sporting this season. Buffy suggests that Spike has seen Willow (hello to the dramatic irony), and Spike fills Willow in: "They think you did it. The Slayer and her boy. They think you took the skin." Buffy and Xander step back towards Spike, and Buffy asks if something is in the basement with the three of them. "Something that killed?" Who in the basement at this point hasn't killed, Buff? That's no way to narrow down the options. Xander is disgusted that Spike described him as Buffy's "boy," but Spike has moved on to new matters. He tells Buffy and Xander that he has to go, as there are "things here without permission." He takes off down the hallway, saying he needs to check authorization. Aw, Spikey has a new job. He's the hall monitor of the damned! Can you imagine what a letdown that must be for a vampire? One day, you're a bad-ass wreaking havoc. One pesky soul later and you're the smitty kid everybody hates, standing around in the hallway officiously checking bathroom passes.

Anya opens her front door and finds Willow standing there. Willow wants Anya's help, and Anya replies that she doesn't have any money. "I don't want money," exclaims Willow, barging into the apartment past Anya, who snidely suggests, "Come in. Enjoy my personal space." Willow is agitated, but when she tells Anya she found a dead body at the high school, Anya isn't very impressed. "Yes, that can happen," she answers matter-of-factly. Willow explains the flayedness of the body, and then she and Anya simultaneously accuse each other, "Was it you?!" "No!" they both answer. Anya tells Willow that Buffy will think she (Willow) did it, and Willow says she wants to find what did do it and "do something right." Anya sees right through her and suggests that Willow is more interested in exonerating herself than in setting things right She adds that perhaps Willow even believes she might have killed the boy, and Willow starts to protest, then stops and asks, "When did you get all insightful?" Anya confides that she's actually "surprisingly sensitive." Willow again asks for help, and I guess Anya agrees, because we cut to later in the darkened apartment. Anya and Willow are sitting on the floor in Anya's apartment with a map between them. Candles are the primary source of light in the room, and Anya asks, "This isn't going to get all sexy, is it?" Hee -- because the show used casting spells as a sort of sexual metaphor for Tara and Willow and why am I even telling you guys? You know this stuff! Willow says she'd be shocked if the spell-casting led to the sexy and then asks Anya, "Do you have your powder?" "Oh, I ate that," Anya teases, not succeeding at keeping a straight face. Aw, she's very cute this episode. I just wish she'd smash that power center and be done with it. Willow glares until Anya grabs her powder. Willow explains that the spell will locate demons on the map. It's the same spell that Tara purposefully messed up in "Goodbye, Iowa."

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