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Where's Willow?

Anya worries that the demon-locating lights will hurt the carpet, but Willow claims they won't. They scatter their powder over the map, and tiny lights appear, with a large concentration in the center of the map. Anya waves at the little light representing her and asks about the "clump" in the middle. Willow explains that those lights are at the high school, where "it's all Hellmouthy underneath." Yes. I believe Anya knows that. Is Buffy really drawing in enough new viewers this season to make this sort of exposition necessary? I'm also wondering if those demons indicated on the map are deep underground and would have to open the Hellmouth to get out, or if they're wandering around in the basement with Spike. Anya continues the exposition by reminding us that "things have been stirring lately." The little lights on the map get progressively brighter, and then the paper catches fire. Willow stamps out the flames and surveys the map as Anya inspects the burn mark on her carpet. The part of the map indicating the school is totally burned out, and Willow finds another largish burn hole close by. With TV magic, she decides that it represents a strong demon near the location of the body, a demon that's alone. What does "alone" have to do with what she knows about the demon (which is next to nothing)? She suggests that the demon might be hiding in the woods or a cave; as Anya cleans up the carpet, she complains that Willow's theory is pretty "thin." I have to agree. Why couldn't it equally well be one of the many, many demons located at the school (the location of the killing), especially since Willow knows about the creepy basement and all? Willow tells Anya to teleport over and check it out, but Anya has to admit that she's recently discovered teleporting "isn't a right, it's a privilege" -- D'Hoffryn punished her for undoing her vengeance spell "last week" by limiting her teleporting to official business only. Apparently D'Hoffryn lifted his rule about teleporting whole cloth from the California DMV informational booklet. I know there's been some controversy about the timeline in this episode, but it seems that everything except Anya's reference here leads us to believe that this episode takes place just a few days after "Beneath You." Since Anya herself earlier referred to those events as a few days ago, I'm thinking that either the "last week" line is a very tiny mistake in the script or we've seen a few days, including a Sunday and a Monday, leading the very literal Anya to refer to those events as last week.

Anyway. "I have to file a flight plan and everything," grouses Anya. Willow sympathizes, and Anya admits that, overall, she just doesn't find the vengeance as "fulfilling as [she] remember[s]." Willow's a tiny bit surprised, because she had the sense that Anya "really enjoyed inflicting." Not so; Anya now finds it very upsetting. Willow ponders and then asks, "Is it like you're scared of losing that feeling again and having it be okay to hurt people? And then, you're not in charge of the power anymore because it's in charge of you?" Anya gets a shocked look and say that despite the melodrama, that's exactly how she feels. It might be nice to see Willow and Anya becoming real friends, which I don't really think they were in the past. Too bad there's not a special word for "person dating your friend, whom you are nice to when you see them and might even end up spending a lot of time with, but not without your friend there, and you would never just call this person up for lunch or whatever." Because that's what Willow and Anya were before. I bet the Germans would have a word for it. They have words for everything. There's even a German word for Formica! Anya gives Willow an endearing little head bob as she says, "It did get a little sexy, didn't it?" Willow briefly gets a come-hither look, but then horror crosses her features, and she pleads her monster-finding excuse and goes to grab her coat. Anya asks if Willow has tried to do a spell to locate the missing gang. Willow forlornly tells Anya that she already thought of that, but her spell told her that Buffy and Xander don't exist.

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