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Where's Willow?

Close-up on the entrance to the cave. It's a tight fit, but Willow manages to crawl inside and looks around cautiously. Gnarl has helpfully accessorized the walls of his cave with flaming torches so that we can always get a clear view of the action. Why would a skin-eating demon go to that much trouble?. Maybe he's expecting a lady friend and wants to set a romantic candlelit mood. Whatever. A clattering pebble sound and a quick shot of Gnarl scurrying across the cave. "All alone" reverberates a Gollum-esque voice.

Outside the cave, Buffy, Xander, and Dawn squeeze through the entrance. They too look around. Buffy hears a noise. "Something's moving in here," says Dawn, all freaked.

Willow wanders around some more. Gnarl taunts her with, "Look at the shorn lamb. Is it the cold wind? Or is it the flock is nowhere to be seen?"

Cut to the Scoobs. "Poor little lamb all alone," we hear, as Dawn gets an "uh, can I go home and wash my hair right NOW?" look on her face. She wanders a little away from the group, giving Gnarl an opportunity to dart out of the darkness and slash her across the stomach. Buffy and Xander rush to her aid, but Dawn is already starting to lose the use of her limbs. As they hustle Dawn towards the exit, Buffy says that they'll have to deal with the demon later, but that they should "seal him in" so he can't escape.

Which of course leaves Willow sealed in as well. She whirls around upon hearing the sound of rocks being piled up in the mouth of the cave, trapping her in with the scary voice. She screams. Gnarl laughs, and there's this cool violin screech thing that is very reminiscent of the earlier seasons as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Gnarl still hasn't tired of taunting his victim. Willow sends a quick incantation to the Goddess beseeching her to revoke Gnarl's powers. Gnarl is less than impressed. I can't for the life of me understand what the hell he's saying (he has the delivery of a slide whistle), but the gist of it is that he's immune to magic. Willow doesn't try to levitate the rocks blocking the cave's exit, or bury Gnarl under a bunch of rubble, because the rules governing the use of magic in this week's episode require that she be trapped and helpless at the demon's mercy.

Xander and Buffy drag Dawn though the woods. Dawn tells Buffy that she's "really sorry," in that voice you use when you're practicing to be a ventriloquist. Buffy tells her that she shouldn't worry about that, and in fact should be proud that her research skills correctly identified the demon, as her paralysis proves. My silver lining is that Dawn is practically unable to speak.

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