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So this is my twenty-fifth recap. How time flies. I have no idea if I'll get to fifty, so I'll celebrate while I can. Also, this is the first recap I've written after getting back from the TWoP writer's summit in Vegas. Such a funny, smart group of people is our staff. Since I don't have a journal, a few quick shout-outs: my fellow Buffy recappers Ace and Sep, for being so nice and funny; Shack, for being a very easy roommate; lounge denizens and fellow trash-talkers Wing Chun, Kim, and Strega; drinking and gambling buddies Omar G, AB Chao, Pamie, and Stee; and as usual, last but never least, Sars, for keeping me from going insane during our hellacious trip out there. Say it with me: Vegas, baby! ["Woo! ...Got a light?" -- Sars]

After a quick establishing shot of the school, we're in Snyder's office. He's giving a speech about how the speakees should think of him as "judge, jury, and executioner." And "very entertaining weasel." He walks around to his desk, and we see that one of the lecturees is a tall, fairly pretty, and very bored-looking girl. Oh, all right, it's Sheila. Snyder asks who they think is the most troublesome student in the school. Sheila pointedly looks to her right, and the camera pans over to show a nervous-looking Buffy. Hee. Snyder goes on that they're well matched. He points out that Buffy has never stabbed a horticulture teacher with a trowel. Sheila grins that she actually used pruning shears. Snyder continues that Sheila, on the other hand, has never burned down a school building. Buffy: "Well, that was never proven. The fire marshals said it could have been mice." Snyder glares. Buffy: "Mice...that were smoking?" Heh. Although, in Buffy's defense, I'd point out that she hasn't burned down any Sunnydale High buildings. Hell, she hasn't even blown one up yet. Snyder goes on that they're tied in cutting and fight-starting, and that the race is quite exciting. Sheila, still grinning, asks what the winner gets. Snyder, evenly: "Expelled." He goes on that Thursday is Parent-Teacher Night. "Your parents, assuming you have any, will meet your teachers" -- he looks at Sheila -- "assuming you have any left." I love Snyder. I would add, though, that if he didn't have it so in for Buffy, he probably would have expelled Sheila just based on her attitude in this meeting. Snyder says that he's putting the two of them in charge of the event as a way for them to incur his goodwill. Buffy looks appropriately scared, but says she's clear on what he wants. Snyder makes another threat.

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