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Seeing Red

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Seeing Red

The previouslys start with practically every scene from "Entropy." Seriously. Just go read the recap.

And we open with a pan across Willow's room to reveal Tara and Willow all cuddled up in bed. Tara? Sprawled across the bed, glowing post-coitally, looking like she's all sexed up. Willow? Hunched and hiding under a sheet, looking like she's afraid of going to the dentist. The camera zooooooooms in for a close-up of the kiss. Willow purrs about how "good this could feel…without the magic." Tara gently corrects that "there was plenty of magic." Willow really looks very pretty here without the girl-paint being spackled on. She looks like Classic Willow. I miss Classic Willow. And Classic Xander, and Classic Giles, and Classic Buffy. Willow muses about how the time is getting away from them, but balks at Tara's suggestion that they get up. The subject turns to Buffy. Willow seems really upset for her and speculates that "something might be going on. With Spike and Buffy." "They've been sleeping together," Tara quickly interjects. Y'know, at first I was going to bust Tara's chops for revealing a confidence, but I think it was pretty clear that Willow was going to find out the truth very soon anyway, and getting her shocked reaction out of the way in private with Tara so that she could be a supportive friend for Buffy can only be a good thing. Plus Tara, y'know, dies and shit later, and it's no good to speak ill of the dead. Willow can't believe the news at first, and then is nine kinds of selfish when she wants to know if everyone knew but her. Blah blah blah. Saint Tara reveals to Willow the path of caring and supportiveness, and Willow gets up to see if Buffy has snuck home in the middle of the night.

Willow knocks on Buffy's door clad in an oversize sport shirt. The door opens to reveal a made bed. Dawn hears the commotion and runs out of her room, wondering if Buffy is home. Tara stumbles out of the master bedroom wrapped in a sheet, and Dawn goes atomic offering to make herself scarce "in the basement. Where I can't hear ANYTHING. Ohmygod!" She squeals in delight and trots off.

Buffy breaks down a door and yells out, "Let's make this quick." She descends into the Lair of Dim and rifles through some papers. Eventually she comes across a white board that reads, "Too Late." As she tips it to read, a huge buzz saw comes whirling through the wall. And another. And another. And another. Huh. If Warren wants to be a villain instead of a two-dimensional annoyance, maybe he shouldn't look to Wile E. Coyote for inspiration. I wonder how they had time to booby-trap the lair, what with the quick exit and all. Upon rereading this section, I'm stumped as to how I could be sure that the Dimsters were pressed for time. I cannot remember a single thing about what spurred Buffy to finally get off her duff and go after them. ["The spy-cams. Another one of Buffy's self-centered reasons for finally going after a season-long villain." -- Ace] Talk about the banality of evil. Anyway. Evil buzz saws of doom. Buffy ducks and then does a flippy thing, quickly escaping up the stairs. She stops to collect her breath on the lawn and discovers that her oxblood leather blazer has a deep gash on the front. Ruh roh. You know how Buffy gets about her leather.

Credits. Now with ninety-three percent more Tara. Don't get used to it.

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