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Without a shadow of a doubt

At the hospital, Buffy paces outside her mother's examination room. Riley startles her and explains that he thought she might need him. Buffy hugs him and is happy he came; she then asks him to sit with Dawn while she goes to find the results of her mother's CAT scan. Riley stares after her, then goes to find Dawn. Buffy enters the dark examination room, where Joyce and her doctor are standing in front of a light board full of x-rays. The doctor leaves, saying he needs to "check on the status of the OR," and Buffy is confused. Trying to keep up a brave front, Joyce explains that she's lucky she doesn't have to wait for her operation. Apparently, she has a "shadow" on her scan results, and the doctor wishes to perform a biopsy. Joyce and Buffy hug, and Joyce sadly tries to assure Buffy that there's no cause for concern. They each try to act strong for the other's benefit.

Magic Box. Willow wonders what they're dealing with. As Giles rings up a customer, Tara suggests that Glory is perhaps not anything covered in the book they have -- perhaps she's something "so old it predates the written word." You know, I've wondered all season about the appropriateness of the Scooby gang discussing all this hush-hush stuff in the middle of a fairly busy retail establishment. Just look at how Tara's brother walked in and eavesdropped in "Family." Why, Glory could just walk in right while they're discussing her! But I'm sure that won't happen, since it's so obvious and has already been so telegraphed and all. Oh, who am I kidding? Willow reminds Giles of the Dagon sphere, and I'm honestly sad for the Scoobies that they're researching abilities have dropped to such a low point, what with neglecting to pursue this lead for weeks. Giles recalls that the Dagon sphere was supposed to repel "that which cannot be named" (right here is where I think sarcastically to myself, "Why? Because alphabet soup hadn't been invented yet? Please.") and then suggests that Glory "predates language itself." D'oh! Xander gives a "woo!" and a "hoo!" at not having to read anymore. "There's no way we can determine her moves, her habits. Where she'll turn up next," mutters Giles and turns to find Glory right behind him, holding a few items for purchase. Told ya! He doesn't suspect a thing, of course, and rings up the sale, oh-so-ironically and amusingly noting, "She could be anywhere. But if she's as powerful as Buffy says, I imagine it won't be long before she makes herself known." Poor, poor Giles, used for such a poor, poor joke. Trust no one, Giles! Forewarned is forearmed! Brevity is the soul of wit! Oops, sorry, my aphorism generator got a little carried away there.

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