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Dawn sleeps in a chair at the hospital. Riley covers her with his coat as Buffy looks on, faintly smiling. He sits next to her, and she lays her head on his shoulder but then hops right up when she sees the doctor approaching. The doc tells Buffy that her mother is resting and, at Buffy's demands, informs her that her mother has a "low-grade glioma" -- a brain tumor. He explains more, but his voice fades as the camera pulls in on Buffy's stricken face.

Back from commercial, the doctor informs Buffy that the symptoms, such as "loss of vision or appetite, lack of muscle control, mood swings," might progress quickly. The only thing the physicians can do is try to determine if the tumor is operable. Buffy wants to help, and the doctor informs her that her mother "has a real chance" even if they can't remove the tumor. Apparently, to this Dr. Doom 'n' Gloom, "a real chance" means "nearly one out of three patients with this condition does just fine." Somehow I'd be much more assured by, say, a 98 percent rather than a 33 and a third percent chance. He starts to ask Buffy questions about her mother's insurance and lifestyle, but Buffy seems overwhelmed and unable to answer. Just then, Greasy Intern Ben smarms his way into the scene, and I'm a little glad he finally showed up so I can stop wincing at the unsavory expectation that he'll appear every time we have a scene in the hospital.

Intern Ben tells Dr. Doom that he's needed elsewhere and then settles down to give Buffy a pep talk. Who died and made you a doctor, Ben? Aw, shit -- who died and made you a character on this show? Ben assures Buffy that her mother is in good hands, and that she should "go out, get some air" because her mother will be unconscious for another six or seven hours. He leaves and Riley appears, giving Buffy a hug. Buffy's mood has shifted to desperation and she throws on her coat, saying she's going to find a healing spell for her mother. Riley tries to tell her that "people get sick," which is totally annoying, but also somewhat accurate in that I don't think we've ever seen magic heal anyone in the Buffyverse, except for vampires. Buffy doesn't like his attitude and says she has to try. She asks him to take Dawn to school and have her come to the Magic Box after school's out. Riley wants to know what to tell Dawn about Joyce, and Buffy says he should tell her that "we don't know anything yet."

At the Magic Box, Anya leafs through the day's receipts. One seems to catch her attention, and she starts to yell "Hey!" repeatedly. She's all agitated that Giles sold a khul's amulet and a Sobekian bloodstone at the same time and demands, "Are you stupid or something?" Giles dryly responds, "Allow me to answer that question with a firing," as Xander tries to remind Anya of the rules for employees that they discussed. Willow and Tara exposition that the Sobekians were an ancient Egyptian cult who practiced the dark arts, and a khul's amulet is a "transmogrification conduit." Giles sees no problem with the sale because the "young woman to whom I sold them would have to have had enormous power --" He breaks off as they all realize who purchased the amulet and bloodstone.

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