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Carousel music plays. Riley and Dawn sit in front of the carousel in a park. Dawn picks at some sort of ice-cream confection and Riley looks uncomfortable. Doesn't he know you shouldn't feed a kid that much sugar before sending her off to school? Dawn tries to assure Riley that his attempt at cheering her up is working and then tells him a little story about how Joyce rented the carousel for her tenth birthday party. It is rather touching and sad to see Dawn so convinced that these things actually happened to her. On the verge of tears, Dawn asks, "She's not going to get better, is she?" and Riley tries to assure her that Joyce will be fine, as "the Summers women are tough." Dawns tells Riley that she's happy he's there, as is Buffy. Riley smiles, looking pleased, and Dawn further explains that Buffy cries a lot less than when she was dating Angel. The conversation seems to be going well, and Riley is happy until Dawn concludes, "She doesn't get all worked up like that over you." Riley looks queasy. Why would he want his girlfriend to cry over him? Don't confuse angst with love, Riley.

Buffy is at the Magic Box, explaining her plan to find a "mystical cure" for her mother. Willow, looking phenomenally busty, promises that they will look, but Giles and Tara tell Buffy that the "mystical and the medical aren't meant to mix." Anya snarks that they've already done enough to make things worse, the gang tries to make her shut up, and Anya actually plays along, although why they would want to hide the news about Glory from Buffy I cannot fathom, unless it was in some misguided attempt to protect her. Buffy finally insists that they tell her what happened. Giles confesses that the "demon woman" was there and when Buffy, quite alarmed, wants to know how she "got away" with the dangerous items, Anya tattles, "Giles sold it to her." Buffy gives Giles a Look, and Giles stammers his sort-of apology. Anya tells Buffy about the reptile-worshipping Sobekians, which prompts Xander to snark, "Just once I would like to run into a cult of bunny worshippers." In a nice show of continuity, Anya gets upset about the nightmarish images Xander has just inspired. Heh. If Anya pisses me off in the next month I'm going to send her all the Bunnicula books for Christmas. Anya explains that Glory now has a transmogrifying amulet, and Willow breaks in with the definition of transmogrification. Come on. Like "transmogrify" didn't enter the popular lexicon circa "Calvin and Hobbes." Giles furthers that, since the bloodstone had a cobra on it, he guesses she is going to transmogrify a cobra. Buffy wants to know why Glory is making a monster, and Giles tells her that they're still working that out. "Well," Buffy replies, "You keep working on it. I'll go kill it." Over their protests, Buffy leaves. Remember when Buffy used to make actual plans? As we're supposedly delving into the darker aspects of Slayerdom this season, one might assume that this Faithization of Buffy "My fists are all the plan I need" Summers is purposeful. It's either that or sloppy writing.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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