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Over at the Sunnydale Zoo, the camera pans past a rubber cobra in the reptile habitat. Glory smashes her first through the glass and emerges with the rubber cobra clenched in her hand. She feeds the snake into an urn while her lackey hands her the amulet. She orders him to speak the incantation, and he does. Glory beseeches the Sobekians, and then interrupts herself to complain how "overwritten" dark spells are. And she knows from overwritten. And overreacting. Oh! And we can't forget overacting. Suddenly she's tackled against the wall by Buffy, who gets a few sound hits off before her ass is handed to her on a plate. Buffy is shoved brutally into the rock walls a few times and then finally is thrown fully across the room into the cobra's former habitat. Chanting finished, Glory orders the cobra to arise. And he does. Looking so incredibly crappy and fake. I've seen better "effects" in grammar-school plays. Is Joss participating in some sort of outreach program to help those underprivileged special-effects houses get some experience under their belts? So let me get this straight. Glory took a small, somewhat fake-looking rubber snake and turned it into an ENORMOUS, totally fake-looking rubber snake, complete with (for some unexplained reason) huge man-arms? Y'all have to give me a minute to pick myself up from the gales of laughter that have just put me on the floor. Anyway, in the midst of all this non-excitement, Buffy has scrambled off. Glory orders the snake to find the key and hints that he might hit the holy places first.

At the Magic Box, Riley comes in, looking for Buffy. Riley is perturbed when Xander tells him that Buffy went off to fight big evil all by her lonesome. Xander, bless him, reads Riley the riot act. Which I will repeat fully here as I could not have said it better myself: "Yeah. Crazy. Going off alone. Half cocked. Instead of waiting for much-needed backup. Charging in with a big old hand grenade. Oh. Wait." Riley shuffles and mutters that this situation is "different." "Yeah, it is," agrees Xander, "Buffy needs something she can fight. Something she can solve. I don't know what kinda action you're looking for. Do you?" Xander tries to soften his words a bit and asks if Riley is "okay"; Riley replies that he's "just a little crazed" and takes off. Buh-bye Riley. Try not to let the door hit your insecurities and double standards on the way out.

Okay. So Fake the Snake slithers through a Sunnydale church. Good luck. When was the last time we saw any of the Summers clan just whiling away the afternoon at church?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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