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The gang runs down the street. They stop for a moment. Buffy orders the group to split up and tells Willow to find somewhere safe while she, Buffy, tries to slow Notsferatu down. Xander knows just the place. Dawn doesn't want to leave Buffy to handle Notsie alone, and Kennedy volunteers to stay and fight, but Buffy vetoes that plan and grabs Andrew's flask of holy water away from him. When Notsferatu appears, Buffy attempts a running and flying kick against him, but it's about as effective as kicking a brick wall. Buffy falls heavily to the ground, and when Notsie gets close enough, she smashes the flask of holy water in his face. Wow. That seems to have had all the potency of getting shampoo in one's eyes. He throws her against a car, and then she takes off with him briefly in pursuit. Buffy turns around to make sure Notsie is still following, but he's nowhere in sight.

Cut to the Scoobs and the Junior Misses climbing down a bunch of scaffolding. They're at the future home of the Sunnydale Public Library. It's still very much under construction now, and will be until Xander is back on the job. Rona is skeptical of, well, everything, but in this case specifically how safe their location is; Willow pronounces it satisfactory and tells everyone to "spread out and take positions." Andrew wants to know what his position is. How about on a bed of wilted spinach as an appetizer for Notsferatu? Rona pooh-poohs this grand plan (can't say I blame her), saying that Notsferatu is probably killing Buffy right now before coming after them. "Or," says Kennedy, looking off into the distance, "it could just skip that part and come straight here." Notsferatu stands and growls at them.

Commercials. Fast becoming my favorite part of each and every Buffy episode.

Kennedy gets her weapon ready. Chloe repeats, "No, no, no, no," but sounds as if she's struggling with a particularly worrying hangnail. Suddenly the space is awash in very bright construction lights. Notsferatu and the Junior Misses are momentarily distracted by the appearance of Buffy on top of a concrete pillar. Kennedy, hoping to take advantage of Notsferatu's confusion, prepares to fire a crossbow bolt, but is stopped by Willow, who admonishes her to hold her fire and watch what Buffy is up to. She leads the Junior Misses up into the scaffolding. "Looks good, doesn't it?" begins Buffy. "They're trapped in here. Terrified. Meat for the beast and there's nothing they can do but wait." And as soon as I heard the opening strains of another Big Buffy Speech, I knew that she'd emerge victorious. What I didn't know is what a lame and hollow victory it would be. Stupid optimism. I'll have to get that surgically removed if I'm going to make through the rest of the season. Buffy jumps down into the courtyard area, and she and Notsie circle each other while exchanging banter. Or, more to the point, Buffy drones on and on narrating the episode we just saw, and Notsie growls a bit. I'm almost at the point where I want to rip her throat out to get her to shut up, and she's supposed to be a good guy. "I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about. And right now you and me are gonna show 'em why." Tough talk, but we've still got five minutes to fill. "Welcome to Thunderdome," finishes Buffy. Andrew: "Two men enter. One man leaves." I wish we'd seen Xander chewing on a sandwich, or some other plausible reason why he didn't deliver this line.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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