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All the Junior Misses sit in a circle in the basement, getting their mope on. The camera pans over to Miss Eve-il, who ominously says, "Just my personal opinion, but I don't think the Slayer can protect us from the First." The episode doesn't give an indication of how long Eve has been at the Summers', but are we seriously supposed to believe that it wouldn't have become apparent she was incorporeal? "Hey, pass the salt, Eve." "Uh, Kennedy's closer. She wants to do it, don't you, Kennedy?" "Hey, roll out this sleeping bag, Eve." "Yeah, I would but, uh, sleeping bags give me eczema. Maybe Chloe can do it?" "Sure you won't have anything to eat, Eve?" "Oh, uh, I did. Yeah, I totally ate, um, a really big meal right before I got here." Well, whatever. If the Scoobies don't institute some sort of handshake policy after this, they're even bigger morons than I already think they are.

Dawn and Andrew (post-shower, I hope) are hangin' in the living room. Looks like Andrew found some hair gel that Angel or Spike left behind. Andrew is curious as to why Slayers are always girls, and then does a little routine about a male Slayer facing ninjas. Dawn gets mad and tells Andrew that he should shut up (go Dawn) and stop pretending that anyone in the house is his friend (go Dawn, again). This has no effect on Andrew, who just wants to know why Buffy wants so much to save Spike, since Spike is an even bigger murderer than he is. I dunno, Andrew. You saw the feed from the Magic Box that time, why do you think Buffy wants to save Spike? Also, should Dawn be talking to Andrew about anything at all? The gang has no proof that The First isn't still secretly appearing to him as Warren, or that he doesn't have some sort of sleeper programming himself. Dawn defends retrieving Spike by saying that he was under the control of The First at the time, and now he has a soul and they need his warrior-fighting-cakes. Andrew wants to help out too, but Dawn just tells him that Buffy said if he talks too much, Dawn can kill him. "License to kill, huh?" muses Andrew. "Pretty cool." Dawn's totally disgusted, which causes Andrew to flounce, "I'm so alone!" "Well, maybe you shouldn't have killed your only friend," points out Dawn. I can't believe I'm enjoying her so much in this scene. Dawn walks out, and Andrew sulks, because that's one of the themes of this episode, if you recall.

Okay, at this point, I totally expected Willow to get another call -- this time from Buffy, telling her to isolate Eve -- but no. The Scoobies are such morons that Buffy ran all the way home to do it herself. The First is incorporeal. It couldn't hurt Willow if she confronted it any more than it could hurt Buffy. The worst it could do would be to stand there with a finger millimeters away from Willow's face and taunt, "I'm not tou-ching you!" Sigh. Anyway, Buffy slams into the house and rushes to the basement. Willow, Dawn, and Andrew run after her. Where's Xander? A frequent refrain this season, I know, but particularly apt right now. "Get away from them!" commands Buffy in the basement, which understandably confuses all the (relatively) non-evil Junior Misses. First Eve-il sasses her a little, and Dawn inquires, "Buffy, what did Eve do?" Suddenly, Xander's there, even though he totally didn't come in the front door with Buffy. He explains, "That's not Eve!" All the Junior Misses stand up, and First Eve-il drawls, "Thanks for the slumber party, girls. It's been real fun these past couple of nights." So she was there for a couple of days -- without eating or touching anything or anyone? That's just stupid. Buffy tells Eve-il to leave, but Eve-il takes her own sweet time, saying she'll be sending a "guest" to rip everyone to pieces after the sun goes down. Then she finally blips out.

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