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Buffy breaks in with a "We're all scared. I am too." She reminds them that they all need to stick together and wait for the information that Giles and Anya will be bringing. Xander reminds her that information is not the only thing that will be arriving soon. Notsferatu will be on his way at sundown. Buffy looks down, then cuts her gaze to Willow and says, "Will, I'm sorry to ask, but…" Willow knows what she's after. They need a protective barrier, because "something tells [Buffy] that this vamp doesn't need an invite to get into the house." Huh. You know what might have told Buffy that? RESEARCH. I miss the scenes that showed people solving their problems using their minds instead of conveniently knowing the peculiar strengths and weaknesses of a particular enemy. I suspect, however, that the writers couldn't come up with a plausible reason why Notsferatu is sensitive to sunlight, can be beheaded, and is affected by holy water, but cannot be staked and doesn't need an invitation to enter someone's home. Wow. The entire vampire mythology at this point is held together by duct tape and chewing gum. Anyway. Willow promises to try to raise a barrier. Willow's word choice elicits a new round of whinging from the Junior Misses. They don't understand how (or with what) they are supposed to fight. Kennedy has had it almost as high up to here as I have with all this; she snaps, "With whatever it takes!" More scared prattle from the Junior Misses. The camera pans around the table. Buffy and Willow exchange looks and file out of the room, followed by Xander. The core Scoobs then reassemble in the kitchen and look at each other a lot.

Sundown. First Eve-il sends out Notsferatu to run a little errand. She turns around to face Spike after saying, "Well. Alone again." Then she morphs into Buffy. "I just love having you all to myself."

Nursery For Nervous Nellies. Night. A group of Harbingers surround the house outside. "Why aren't they doing anything? Attacking?" asks Molly. Buffy replies, "They don't want in. They're here to make sure that we don't get out." More importantly, Buffy, why aren't YOU doing anything? Attacking? I've seen a crossbow there. You've got a nice little slit between those bits of plywood for an arrow to slip through. You certainly may not be able to damage The First, but I don't see why you can't cut off its hands. Take as many of those eyeless buggers out as possible! C'mon. Here we have Buffy, a seasoned Slayer. She's been a warrior for many years now. If I can think of these things, I think Buffy should be able to. I mean, I sit behind a computer and make fun of stuff for a living when I'm not studying linguistics. I can't think of anyone less suited to come up with a tactical battle plan than I am, but even I had a few useful ideas. Why is Buffy such a nitwit these days? Buffy hands Rona a sword. "Like this'll do any good! What's the point?" God. I'm about ready to let these brats die off. "It's this end right here," says Kennedy, pointing. "You stick that in the bad guys." Kennedy grabs a crossbow and expositions that she's been using one since she was eight. Andrew comes over to ask if Buffy will give him a weapon. After considering the options, Buffy hands him a flask of holy water.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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