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Meanwhile, in the hallway, Willow is psyching herself up by chanting, "I'm facing my fear," and floating a lit candle. Kennedy comes by to hit on her, saying that, having heard the rumors, she'd almost like to see Cruella D'Will. "No you wouldn't!" snaps Will. She explains that she's on edge because The First messed with her last spell and invaded her body with "pure undiluted evil." Kennedy wonders what evil tastes like. "A little chalky," says Will. Got it. Metamucil is pure undiluted evil. No new information there. However, Kennedy's admission raises another question of mine. If she knows about Willow's dance on the dark side, wouldn't she also know about Tara? I can't believe that anyone would leave that crucial bit out of the story. I'd like to feel justified in hating Kennedy for hitting on Willow when she's obviously not over the girlfriend that died in her arms, but now I feel that I'm robbed of that opportunity by writers who are just not competent enough to have realized the implications of Kennedy knowing about Willow's past. No time to think about that now, though. Dawn has just told us that Notsferatu has arrived.

Notsferatu politely raps on the door. Aw. How nice. Good to see that he hasn't forgotten his manners. Oh. You say that's he's actually supposed to be trying to break the door down? Silly Notsie! Doesn't he know that the Scoobs never lock up? In the living room, the rest of the gang gathered behind her, Willow starts her barrier spell. Isn't it usually a good idea to have a barrier in place BEFORE your enemies get there? Is she expecting Notsferatu to enter the foyer and put his calling card on a silver salver and sip tea whilst waiting to be granted an audience? The Slayer Babies cringe. Willow looks like she's struggling with the spell, and behind her, Andrew starts anxiously muttering, "Deflector shields up!" Notsferatu busts down the door as Willow continues chanting, eyes black. Just as Notsferatu crosses the threshold to the living room, he's blocked by a rippling blue energy. He fights against it, and Willow is clearly having trouble maintaining the spell. Buffy gives the order to retreat. (That sounds better than the "Run! Everybody run!" that she actually uttered.) Xander in the lead, they all take off out the back door. One of the Harbingers falls victim to Kennedy's crossbow while Xander occupies the other, allowing the rest of the girls to escape. He quickly begins to lose the upper hand, but Buffy stakes it from behind. Nice to see that, in the middle of fleeing an incredibly powerful ur-vampire, Buffy found time on her trek from the living room to the backyard to grab and completely button up a leather jacket.

Alleyway. Anya and Giles are spit back into this dimension in a flash of light. Looks like all that wind took quite a toll on Anya's hair. They're a bit dizzy. Dizzy with love. Anya doesn't understand how "Buffy's death mucked up the whole Slayer mojo, y'know. It's not like she hasn't died before." Giles corrects her that "it's not because she died, the Beljoxa's Eye was quite clear about that in its enigmatic way. It's because she lives. Again. Buffy's not responsible." Note that we didn't hear the Botox Eye say anything of the sort. All we heard was that it was the fault of "the Slayer." The Botox Eye could have been referring to Faith. What I can't believe is that Giles actually thought an oracle would help. Prophecies never mean what you think they mean, and oracles are dirty, rotten liars. "Oh," Anya says with realization, "Willow and me and Xander and Tara. We're the ones that brought Buffy back. We're the reason The First is here. The reason those girls were murdered. It's our fault. The world would have been better off if Buffy had just stayed dead." Anya trudges off.

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