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Something Blue

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Something Blue

I had some trouble with my tape this week. All I'm going to say is, never use Maxell tapes. I should have listened to Wing Chun after her Dawson's Creek debacle, but I didn't and I paid the price. Fortunately, The Boy sent me the tape. Before he agreed to, one of his suggestions was to "just say that 'this week's episode reminded me of blank' and go on to talk about the Chumash for seven pages." Lucky for you, he caved and sent me the tape. 'Tis the season for shout-outs, and mine go to Ace and The Boy.

Previously on Buffy: Spike attempts to bite Willow, but finds he can't bite anyone; Spike offers information to the Scooby gang in return for shelter; Oz tells Willow he's leaving; Willow, Sep and Ace start to cry all over again; Oz drives away in his van.

Buffy, wearing a sleeveless sweater and leopard print skirt, walks through some building on campus. She spots Riley up on a ladder, hanging a banner that reads "Lesbian Alliance." Buffy asks him if there's something he needs to tell her and gestures towards the banner. Riley laughs and starts to talk about how he and Buffy were planning a picnic. He suggests Ruggs Field and blathers about food and ants. Buffy doesn't recall talking about having a picnic, and Riley admits it must have been a conversation he was practicing. I'm sure his inept wooing of Buffy is supposed to be cute, but it's actually rather embarrassing. I'm also distracted by Buffy's hair in this scene, since it's rather crimpy at the ends, flat on top and matted overall. ["Hey, Buffy, I have naturally curly hair, and I have a great new hairdresser who has really helped me with products that bring out the curl without making my hair lank or frizzy. Give me a call, sister, and I'll hook you up." -- Ace] Riley admits that he preps before talking to Buffy and that having a conversation with her is "like an oral exam." I'm not going to say anything about that line. Not. A. Thing. Buffy isn't complimented by Riley's admission, and I really can't understand what would be so difficult about talking to Buffy, but he goes on to say that he likes her because she's a mystery. He calls her beautiful, and she gets swoony.

Willow and Buffy are on patrol in a graveyard. Willow is wearing what Ace called a poncho, but I think looks more like a tube with no armholes. If anyone remembers the commercial for the plastic device that enabled you to turn a crank and produce miles upon miles of useful and fashionable yarn tubing, well, it looks like that. Either that, or Willow took up knitting but hasn't figured out the secret to sleeves yet. Patrolling against vampires and other night-haunting demons with your arms bound to your sides by an acrylic strait-jacket doesn't seem like a wise move, but what do I know about fashion? Oh, that's right -- a lot more than Willow, obviously. Buffy is blathering on about Riley, how nice he is and how different that is for her. She says she really likes him but she feels "like something's missing." Willow suggests that perhaps Buffy misses being made miserable, and Buffy agrees that she has to stop wanting bad boys. Buffy spouts some romance novel-derived crap about how fighting and pain seem to equal real love and passion, and I speeyack all over the TV. As Buffy wonders how she got these sadly misguided notions, a vampire jumps her and she casually stakes him.


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