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Road Side Story
First a warning. I'm a little, shall we say, inebriated. I wasn't planning on writing the recap while drunk but since I've already done the two stupidest things that one can do while intoxicated (accepting a phone call from ex-boyfriend and plucking the eyebrows, for those of you keeping track), I thought I might as well go ahead and write the recap. So here I sit, lovelorn and with a perpetual expression of anger (I kind of overdid the arch).

The previouslys segue into the final scene from last week: Glory rips off the wall of Tara's dorm room, where Willow, Tara, Buffy, and Dawn are more than a little surprised at her rude manners for not bothering to knock. They stare aghast at the hellish god, perhaps appalled by the white-lace-dress-over-red-slip ensemble she's chosen to wear for her deconstructionist activities. Unfortunately, Tara takes this opportunity to fulfill her brain-sucked duties by recognizing Dawn as the Key. The screen goes dark for a second, and then we're back. Buffy grabs Dawn by the arm and busts out through Tara's dorm room door. Glory chuckles and prepares to follow, but Willow, hugging Tara with one arm, casts a spell that first freezes Glory in place and then knocks her backwards. Willow flees, Tara in tow. Glory follows after Buffy and Dawn, not letting little impediments like walls slow her down. She also runs all super-zippy fast, but the less said about the Flash-like activities, the better. Buffy (I actually had "Bussy" typed there, which is pretty funny, but not as funny as "Buggy", my usual typo) and Dawn run across campus, but Dawn can't keep up, so Buffy's stunt double grabs up Dawn and runs across the grass carrying her. I almost fell out of my chair laughing the first time I watched this episode and saw the scene of the stunt woman toddling along carrying the Dawn-dummy. While working on the recap, I did actually fall out of my chair laughing watching this, but that might say more about the number of margaritas I've been imbibing than the lasting comedy value of this scene. Either way, I don't think hysterical giggling was really the reaction the writer and director of this episode were looking for. But -- oops, all the carrying was in vain, because Glory has zipped along and positioned herself in front of the sisters. "Last words, slay-runt?" queries Glory, and Buffy responds, "Just one. Truck." A huge oil tanker slams full speed into Glory, who is sent flying and smashes onto a car hood. She then morphs reluctantly into Ben, who looks very silly in white lace.

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