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In Tara's room, Willow is recounting the evening's events to Tara. Tara asks about Buffy, and Willow says that she's fine, although a little upset about missing one of the vamps. Tara clarifies that she was asking about Buffy's emotional state after the body-switching incident. Willow says that Buffy is still upset about Riley having sex with Fuffy, but she's sure it will all blow over, as the camera pans back to show a huge Jonathan collage that the girls have been working on.

Over at Riley's, he's pitching basketballs into the hoop on the back of his door. That horrid balls poster has been replaced by one of Jonathan the basketball star. Much better. From her position on the bed, Buffy asks if he's feeling better and if he's still eating the Initiative kibble. He says that even though the Initiative swears they're not doping the food anymore, he's avoiding it. He's not sure if that will make him "weaker or dumber or smarter." I'm not sure that I'll be able to resist making a crack about that line, but somehow I do. The conversation segues into Adam and the trouble the Initiative is having finding him. Riley sits on the bed beside Buffy, but this seems to agitate her and she gets up to shoot some hoops. She misses her first shot, and Riley offers to give her some pointers in the same clichéd way that all TV and movie love interests do: by standing incredibly close and providing no real advice but a lot of unnecessary and movement-hindering body contact. I know it's supposed to be very sexy but it usually just comes off as confining. Buffy starts babbling that if slaying was a competitive sport she'd be pretty good at figure staking. Heh. Buffy is obviously rattled by having Riley so close to her and apologizes, saying, "Sorry, this just isn't my game," before fleeing the scene.

"It's all Faith's fault," moans Buffy as she sugars a cup of coffee. She and Jonathan are discussing Riley while seated at a café. Buffy hands him the cup of coffee and he posits that Buffy isn't actually mad at Faith -- she's mad at Riley. Buffy protests that there's no way that Riley could know that it was Fuffy and not Buffy, and Jonathan agrees, but says that there's a part of her that blames him and she should forgive Riley. Oh god. If Jonathan fixes Riley and Buffy's relationship, he's going straight to the top of my Shut Up! list. During their conversation, Jonathan signs a couple of autographs, one of them for an overly enthusiastic stick figure named Karen with a K. Buffy expresses doubt about being able to talk to Riley, which is a pretty fair assessment since thus far they've pretty much managed to avoid talking about any of their problems. Jonathan gets up to leave but turns around to reassure Buffy, saying, "If you want it, you can make anything happen," as the camera focuses on a billboard featuring Jonathan shilling for athletic shoes in the background.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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