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Over at the Initiative, Jonathan briefs the Commandos on Adam. Jonathan tells them that Adam's power comes from Uranium 235 and that the only way to get rid of Adam is to blow him up into many itty bitty bits. I don't think they'll have trouble finding volunteers. I suspect the entire viewing audience would leap at the chance.

Nighttime at Jonathan's mansion. Karen with a K is peering through her binoculars, stalking Jonathan, when she's interrupted by an ugly bald demon. She screams so hard that we're knocked into a commercial break. When we come back, the demon knocks Karen to the ground in protest of her fugly floral-pants-and-tube-top combo and she runs screaming into the night to go buy more fashionable clothes.

Back at the lab, the meeting has disbanded, and Jonathan is now consoling Riley. Their height difference is really amusing me. Jonathan can't be more than an inch taller than Buffy. He tells Riley that Buffy is ready for a reconciliation. Blah blah blah Jonathan advises Riley to show Buffy that he cares about her. Oh and there's another shot of Jonathan doing something impossible, in case we were able to forget for even one second how much of a superstar he is.

Over at the Bronze there's some swinging big-band music playing. At one of the tables, Anya and Xander are bickering about their sex life. On the other side of the Table, Riley makes a comment to Buffy, who says, "If they get in a fistfight I've got a fifty on Anya." I'm not betting against her either. Riley wonders aloud if Xander and Anya are going to make it and Buffy just gives him a pensive and searching look in reply. Jonathan comes out on stage in a white dinner jacket while Willow and Tara join the gang at the table. Jonathan dedicates his next song to Buffy and Riley and they go to dance. I like this song. I'd buy the album. During their dance, Riley starts to say something but Buffy says, "No talk. More dance." Jonathan picks up a trumpet and launches into a fast-paced number off his new album. Karen runs in and rushes to the stage. Jonathan cuts the set short and jumps off the stage to comfort Karen. He asks her to tell him what happened.

Back at the mansion Karen describes the demon to Jonathan, Buffy, and Riley. We learn that the demon had a symbol on his forehead, which Jonathan recognizes and says belongs to an essentially harmless monster. Buffy offers to patrol, but Jonathan says that he'll take care of it. The camera zooms in on Buffy looking troubled as Jonathan arranges a ride home for Karen.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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