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Establishing shots of somewhere that looks like it may be a library. Adam (aw, crap) and his henchvamp are doing some research. Basically, Adam is the only one that can sense that the world has been magically altered and all this Jonathan stuff is a big hoax. He decides not to do anything about it because he's interested in chaos. Is Adam's last name either Bunim or Murray? Because that sounds suspiciously like something that the producers of The Real World would say. It also explains why his scenes are so crappy.

At the mansion Jonathan is staring into the fire with a contemplative look on his face. A buxom blonde appears at the railing of the indoor balcony, dressed only in lingerie, and asks in a Swedish accent if Jonathan is coming to bed. Her twin sister appears beside her and echoes the sentiment. Okay, that's it. I thought all of these contrived situations were pretty cute up until now, but having a threesome with sisters is just plain gross. Jonathan tells them that he'll be right there, and as he takes his robe off we see the same symbol the demon had is scarred onto his left shoulder.

Buffy, Willow, and Tara are walking on campus. For once, the worst dressed person in the scene is not Willow but Tara, who is wearing one of those unfortunate skirts that are made out of an old pair of jeans. Tara assumes that Buffy and Willow have to go fight the monster now, but Buffy tells them that Jonathan is on the case. Buffy mentions that Jonathan seemed afraid, but Willow reminds her that Jonathan "doesn't get scared. You talked about it when you gave him the class protector award at the prom." They reach Tara's dorm, and she says goodbye, but not before Willow squeezes her hand in goodbye. Buffy and Willow walk off and start talking about Riley, instead of Buffy making a comment about young witchy love.

Tara walks into the lobby of her dorm as creepy music twangs in the background. Suddenly the monster bursts out of the door she was heading for, knocking her down. Tara crab-crawls backwards on her hands and legs while reciting the beginnings of a spell. Suddenly she aims her palms at the monster and smoke spews out of them, buying her enough time to get up and run into a supply closet that probably should have been locked. Instead of trying to open the door, the monster just bangs his oversize arms against the door.

There's rapid knocking on Tara's dorm-room door and Willow jumps up to let Buffy in. Buffy, wearing a leopard print coat, asks why Willow called her. She then exclaims in surprise upon seeing Tara, scratched up and shivering, on the bed. Willow assures Buffy that Tara will be all right, but that she is terrified. She further explains that Tara spent the night in the janitor's closet all alone. As Willow puts a moist washcloth on Tara's forehead, Buffy kneels down beside the bed and asks what attacked her. Tara describes the monster as big and mentions that it had a symbol on its head. Buffy considers this and then jumps up and quickly sketches something on a notepad. She shows the triangular symbol to Tara and asks if it's the symbol on the monster. Tara nods in agreement and Willow exclaims, with great concern, "Buffy, Jonathan said we were all safe. Jonathan said it."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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