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At Giles's, Riley is flipping through a spell book, asking if the spells really work. Willow assures him that the spells do work, but that one must have concentration and training to implement them. "Right," says Xander, "you can't just go 'librum incinderae' and expect -- " and the book he is holding bursts into flames. He slams the book shut and Giles wearily says, "Xander, don't speak Latin in front of the books." Willow exclaims that she's found the mark, and that it is a part of an augmentation spell. The spell augments the recipient and turns him or her into a paragon, "the best of everything, everyone's ideal." She continues that the spell has a balancing clause, in that a force of evil is also created. The gang concludes that Jonathan created the monster and Xander, still blind in his hero worship, says, "He did a spell just to make us think he was cool? That is so cool!" Riley realizes that Buffy and Jonathan might be in danger from the monster, and Giles explains that if the monster dies, the spell will be broken and Jonathan will revert. Anya muses that Jonathan won't want Buffy to succeed in finding the monster.

Jonathan and Buffy walk slowly through a cave. They come to the edge of a deep, dark chasm and Buffy notes that the fall would kill you. As she looks around, Jonathan agrees in an ominous tone, "Yeah, don't want that to happen," and takes Buffy's hand. But instead of pushing her, he begins to lead her away from the edge. At that moment, the monster attacks them.

Back at Giles's, Willow struggles to accept the fact that Buffy was right about something. Riley wonders what the real world is like, and Willow says she's scared to find out. Xander frantically protests that a world without their Jonathan is a world without sunshine and joy. Riley notes that if Buffy loses the fight with the monster, they could be "stuck in this wrong world" and Xander seems excited at the thought. Giles and Willow wonder if Buffy can win the fight against the monster.

In the cave, Jonathan is unconscious on the ground as Buffy fights the monster. He comes to as Buffy is knocked down, executes a flip off the ground, and grabs a giant stalactite with which to hit the monster. He struggles with the monster as Buffy asks what she can do. Jonathan explains that she'll have to fight alone and that she should remember what to do. He tries to explain that the more she hurts the monster, the more he'll lose his ability to fight, but he doesn't have a chance to finish. Buffy begins to kick the crap outta the monster and Jonathan suddenly cowers on the ground, scared. Buffy is excited to experience the return of her Slayer skills and confidence. She and the monster fight near the edge of the chasm and the monster manages to knock her down. Because of this, Jonathan seems to experience a surge of his augmented powers, and he races across the cave, knocking the monster into the chasm and falling in after it. At the last moment, Buffy grabs his ankle, and he dangles, staring up at her.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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