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Twangy guitar music plays and we see the Sunnydale main drag. A bright light courses across the buildings, and the augmentations vanish in its wake. A billboard of Jonathan advertising shoes reverts to an ad for the Sunnydale Times. The movie theater marquee that reads "Being Jonathan Levinson" changes to read "Closed for Repairs." A jonathan.com poster becomes one for Dingoes Ate My Baby. Are they playing around town without Oz?

It's a sunny day on the UC Sunnydale campus and Tara, Willow, Anya, Xander, Riley, and Buffy are discussing their recent experiences. Willow can't believe they believed it all, and Riley muses how real it seemed. Xander sadly asks, "You know what I'll always remember?" and Riley replies, "The swimsuit calendar is sticking in my mind." At Buffy's questioning look, he assures her, "Not in a good way!" Xander continues, "I'll always remember the way he made me feel about me. Valued and respected. Sort of tingly. And now I'm just empty." Buffy quips that Xander was hurt most of all by Jonathan's spell but Tara makes a little noise to indicate that her mauling wins her that place. "Did anyone else feel way too tall? I felt way too tall," laughs Riley. As Xander says he liked Jonathan's clothes, we see the old, not-cool Jonathan standing and staring at the gang. He's dressed in a yellow over-sized T-shirt and schlumpy jeans. He makes an embarrassed little wave and then shoves his hands deep into his pockets. Buffy gets up and walks over to him. He's glad that Buffy came over to talk to him and tells her that although people are forgetting, many of them are angry at him. He sadly tells her that people won't talk to him and that "the twins moved out." Buffy, her arms crossed, asks why he cast the spell, but then reconsiders, saying she understands why. She does want to know "how," however, and Jonathan explains the he met a kid in counseling after his suicide attempt who gave him the spell. He tells Buffy he wants to apologize and he didn't mean for people to get hurt. In a slightly cold tone of voice, Buffy tells him people are also mad because they "didn't like being the little actors in [his] sock-puppet theater." Jonathan's voice cracks as he protests that the gang weren't sock-puppets to him -- they were friends. Buffy admonishes him that he has to stop trying to use big gestures to make complicated things work out. That's right, Buffy, and your close friends Willow and Xander certainly wouldn't know anything about using spells to change their lives, so it's all good and fine for you to be so self-righteous with Jonathan about it. Oh, wait, it isn't. Jonathan starts to leave, but then turns back and reminds Buffy of the advice he gave her about Riley. He tell her again that things with Riley will take work, and are complicated but worth it. Buffy looks at him with a softer expression as he turns and walks away.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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