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WARNING: Contents may have shifted during shipping. Oops, that's the wrong warning. The warning is this: This recap contains opinions. It may contain positive opinions of plot points or characters you dislike. It may contain negative opinions of plot points or characters you like. If you don't like opinions that might be negative, or opinions that you don't agree with, DO NOT READ FURTHER.

Previously on Buffy: Anya and Xander were engaged. Yeesh, like any of us could forget the boredom of that. Buffy to Spike: "You play for kittens?" Kittens: "Mew. Mew. Mew." God, I'm such a sucker for kittens. Kittens are my anti-drug. Buffy foisted responsibility off on Giles, who brooded about it but didn't take any positive action. Tara told Willow she's using too much magic and Willow had a conniption fit. She then wiped the argument from Tara's brain. Buffy was in Heaven; the Scooby gang finally found out; Buffy and Spike did a tongue tango.

Night. Buffy is patrolling in a cemetery, although her long white sweater coat and matching turtleneck seem more suited for a day of shopping. She hears a noise behind her and whips around to find Spike. He wants to talk; Buffy declines and starts to walk away. Spike wants to discuss the fact that he and Buffy kissed, "all Gone With the Wind with the rising music, and the rising...music." Boy, I'm so happy to see that this show has really mastered the single entendre. "And what was that, Buffy?" he wants to know. Buffy rolls her eyes (which seem to get a good work-out around Spike) and suggests she kissed him because of "a spell." Spike's not digging that explanation. He insinuates that Buffy isn't quite as "prim and proper" as she's trying to act. Obviously not the right approach as Buffy launches into a rant about how she'll never, ever, kiss or even touch Spike ever again. I predict a head-tilt is next in Spike's arsenal of charm. I am right. Note to James: the head-tilt, like the "Anya fears bunnies" joke, is a good thing that is getting overused. I'd like to see a new shorthand for "Spike charmingly attempts to decipher the mystery that is Buffy." Of course, having just insisted that she'll never touch Spike again, Buffy immediately throws him to the ground and jumps on top of him. The jumping in his prone lap seems to be intended to protect him from the flying stake that necessitated his being pushed down in the first place. Or at least I'm sure that's what Buffy is telling herself.

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