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The Blankest Slate

Zauber Kasten. Bunnies cover almost every flat surface. Enya stands on a chair and pooh-poohs Rupert's suggestion that they try a different book. She chants something else, and another bunny appears. Ah. Stubborn and stupid. Who can resist this girl?

Randy waxes poetic about his struggle against adversity and his heroic nature. Joan stands with her arms crossed, vaguely annoyed. They're interrupted by Bruno, Knuckles, Fang, and another vamp I don't have a clichéd nickname for.

Sewers. Tara leads the gang into a recess of the sewer walls and, granted, I don't spend a large amount of time in sewers these days, but shouldn't they be more...sewer-y? With maybe the dampness and some, um, sewage? The vamp runs by, and then Tara leads the gang across the main sewer tunnel, up a ladder, and behind an iron gate with bars that are spaced far enough apart only to keep out rather large mammals like horses and bears. I don't understand the point of those. The gang cowers against the sides of the tunnel as the vamp paces back and forth looking for his prey. Willow is hunkered pretty close to Tara. Both of them are breathing heavy with fear and lust as they share multiple little glances.

Zauber Kasten. Rupert cradles his head in frustration. He looks around the shop and exasperates, "Clearly that is not a helpful book, darling." And in this instance, "darling" means "you imbecile." He orders her to come down so that they can fix the situation logically. The camera pulls back to reveal Enya on top of the table, and green, swirling mist hovering near the ceiling of the shop. Spit. Spat. Fight.

Back to the Randy and Joan show. There is fighting. Much fighting. Sharky paces in the background. Always with the pacing. Sharks gotta swim and one-note, foam-rubber representations of metaphors gotta pace. He'll die otherwise. Joan stakes a vamp with a broken mailbox post.

Zauber Kasten. Rupert mutters something about a "different book" while fencing with a skeleton reminiscent of one from Jason and the Argonauts (a.k.a. Jason and the Golden Fleece), a childhood favorite of both myself and Sep. All hail the great Ray Harryhausen.

Sewers. Willow asks Umad how she's doing, and Umad replies that she's scared, but that it feels oddly familiar. Willow feels "confused" and "kinda gay." Bah. I was with this episode until now but when they start lifting dialogue whole-cloth from other seasons it sets my teeth on edge. References to events of yore are good -- entire lines of dialog repeated word for word are not.

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