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The Blankest Slate

Zauber Kasten. Rupert and Enya cower behind the counter and whisper-fight as something unseen growls at them. Enya trounces Rupert with a book as she feels "compelled to take some vengeance" on him. Rupert hisses, "No wonder I'm leaving you," and reveals his plane ticket. Enya is crestfallen. She smacks at him, and her engagement ring flies off of her finger. Rupert ignores her and thumbs through the book, probably hoping that whatever is on the other side of the counter will eat her soon. I share his hope.

Sewers. Vamp has finally caught the scent of fear, and climbs the ladder up to the gang's hiding spot. They see him coming and crawl through the tunnel, which curves around in a U shape. Alex is in the lead, and the first to encounter the vamp when he emerges into the main tunnel. Punchy punch punch.

Zauber Kasten. Rupert whispers some sort of spell and everything returns to normal with a bright flash of light. Enya goes to retrieve her ring. Rupert apologizes, but Enya cuts him off: "No, Rupie. I'm sorry. That was the wrong book." Anya admitted that she was wrong? Maybe this forget-spell isn't so bad after all. She begs him not to leave her, and he sweeps across the room and dips her into a kiss. Whoa. Mmm hmmm. First question: why hasn't Giles been passionately kissing people for all six years of this show? Second question: how cruel is Mutant Enemy to give us all this Giles-y goodness only now that he's leaving?

Sewers. Tara, Willow, and Umad crawl out from a completely different pipe than the one Alex did, yet end up in exactly the same place. That seems like a continuity flaw to me, but then what do I know about urban architecture? Maybe all sewers are like big M.C. Escher drawings. Anyway, the vamp accosts them even though he was just struggling with Alex a moment ago, and who edited this together? The spell? The one that wipes people's memories? Someone needs to tell editing that the spell was cast on the characters and not the viewers. From off-screen, Alex taunts the vamp to check out his "throbbing jugular." I know quite a few people who would just love to misinterpret that statement. In her fright, Willow pushes Tara down onto the ground, landing on top of her, the black crystal falling out of her pouch. The witchlets stare deeply into each other's eyes. Alex fights with the baddie and is taking it on the chin pretty badly until Umad tosses him a stray piece of wood and he dusts the vamp. Tara brushes Willow's hair out of her eyes and it's very clear that they're going to kiss, but Alex crushes the crystal with his nubbly-soled boot. Everyone's memories are restored in an instant. Willow scrambles off Tara.

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