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The Blankest Slate

Mid-kiss, Giles's and Anya's memories are returned. Giles turns to stone. I could turn that into a single entendre, but I won't.

Working in tandem, Joan kicks and punches a vampire as Randy restrains it for her. "Don't mess with Joan the vam..." she starts to quip but then the full weight of her memories hits her like a ton of really depressing bricks. She stands stock-still, reeling from the contrast, and is dropped by a blow to the head.

When we return from commercial, Buffy lies on the ground and is kicked in the stomach by one of the vamps. She seems despondent and almost unable to fight back.

Sewers. It's very clear to Tara that Willow has been dabbling in the black arts. Willow looks at her but then cuts her eyes away and feels at her pouch. Xander and Dawn glance at the fragments of shattered crystal. Xander emits a nervous high-pitched laugh. He declares that they should get going. Tara, tears welling in her eyes, can only bear to glance quickly at Willow as she passes by her.

Zauber Kasten. Giles and Anya furiously clean the shop, obviously wishing they could purge their memories of recent events.

Buffy lies on the ground a pained look in her eyes as Spike quickly dispatches the remaining enforcers. Sharky babbles on, frightened now that his muscle is gone, and forgives Spike of his debt. Spike grabs him by his lapels and promises that he'll be paid. He's offended that Sharky would think of him as "a welsher." Spike then makes his way over to Buffy and offers her his hand. She gets up under her own power and silently walks past him.

Wistful chick rock swells as we make our way into a musical montage. Buffy sits alone at the Bronze contemplating the state of things in Denmark. (Note: things are rotten.) Poor Buffy. She looks like the effort to keep what little expression she has on her face is almost too much.

Cut to the Summers's home. Tara packs a few clothes into a box. She moves like she's in a coma and keeps glancing towards the door of the bathroom. The camera moves on to Willow sitting forlornly against a bathroom cabinet.

On a plane, Giles sits crammed in economy class. He sighs heavily. ["So would I if I had to sit out a long-ass trans-Atlantic flight in Coach." -- Wing Chun]

In the bathroom, Willow furrows her brow in pain, corners of her mouth turned down as a few errant tears escape, and I know that she brought it on herself but I can't help feeling the tiniest bit sorry for her. I think we've all been in a situation where we've lost something dear to us because we've screwed up so very totally and completely.

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