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The Blankest Slate

Back at the Bronze, Spike sidles up to Buffy. She catches him in her peripheral vision and then turns her head to look him full in the face. He holds her gaze imploringly and allows himself a small glimmer of hope. Buffy turns away from him. He stands there for a second and then turns on his heel to go, obviously deeply wounded by her coldness. Emotionally wounded, though, and not, say, mortally wounded like his countless victims in the hundred-some years he spent in a gleeful killing spree.

Tara walks out the open front door. She sets her box down and turns to Dawn, who is sitting there with bad posture and teenage attitude, arms crossed over her chest. Tara reaches towards Dawn to pull her into a hug, but Dawn flounces by and runs upstairs. Oh! My little heart is breaking for both of them right now.

Quick shots of everyone involved in tonight's theatre of pain.

Back at the Bronze the camera pans around a staircase. My thought process. "Huh. What's going on here? Why do I care about any of these people? Oh! That guy has a really terrible shirt on. The camera's following him around the staircase. Terrible shirt, camera trained on him. It must be Xander. Wuh HUH? Buffy and Spike kissage again? At least the mechanics of this kiss look a lot better than last week's." We fade out on the passionate kissing.

I'm trying to adjust to this Buffy/Spike thing, I really am, but I don't shift paradigms well. Next week, it looks like Buffy doesn't, either.

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