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The Blankest Slate

Back at the Summers home, the bramble is still burning in the fireplace; suddenly, it shoots out a lick of flame that ignites the bag of extra bramble Willow left on the hearth. God, how many people was she planning on brain-wiping to have a baggie that full, and why the hell did she leave her stash out in plain view? Damn brambleheads -- they're so flaky and unreliable. Maybe overuse of bramble is where all her paranoia about people talking behind her back is coming from, too. On the hearth, the baggie burns.

Zauber Kasten. Buffy is still sulking, and Giles is still trying to announce his departure. Everybody is distressed to hear that he plans to return to England and stay "indefinitely." Anya says, "For real this time? 'Cause honest to Pete, a young shopkeeper's heart can only take so much," and I wonder if this is where we got the kiss we saw in the promo. Then I realize that Anya's heart is worried about being in charge, and not about missing Giles. Suddenly, Buffy hops up and starts to stomp out of the shop, saying she "can't do this." Before she reaches the door, Willow tries to apologize for the wrenching-out-of-eternal-bliss mix-up, but Buffy has no patience for it. She snaps about how sorry everyone around her is, and how she can't take it anymore. "If you guys understood how it felt. How it feels. It's like I'm dying --" and then she collapses to the ground. No one else in the shop has a chance to react, however, because they, too, all sink into unconsciousness. Xander and Willow fall into a tangle on the floor; Giles and Anya slump against each other; Dawn falls to the floor; Spike collapses on the counter where he's been sitting; Tara slumps over in her chair. At the Summers home, the charred baggie o' bramble smokes on the hearth.

The Rip Van Scoobies have slept the day away. The camera pans over them napping in the dark magic shop. Buffy is the first to wake; she looks completely befuddled and flips on the light. Xander and Willow wake and jump away from each other with startled noises; Xander then recoups and gives Willow a Tribbiani-esque "Heey." "Hey?" replies Willow. Anya yawns, and Giles -- draped across her shoulder -- also awakens and attempts to wipe some drool off her blouse. Hee! Everyone looks pretty disoriented at this point. Then Spike rolls off the counter with a decidedly girly shriek, startling Dawn from her long winter's nap. Dawn cowers in her corner, and we get a sense of what's going on when she asks, "Who are you people?" Tabula rasa, indeed.

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