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The Blankest Slate

Drawn to Dawn (say that five times fast!) for some reason, Buffy approaches her sister and tells her not to worry -- that she, too, doesn't know anyone present. In fact, she doesn't even know her own name. Xander wonders if he's been caught up in some sort of crazy out-of-control Psych test, and Giles assures him that they all seem to be lacking in memories of...well, anything. Giles attempts to suggest they're all having a drunken blackout, but Anya quite rationally points out that there's no evidence of alcohol consumption in their surroundings. After Xander gets quite agitated, Buffy tries to assure him that they're all most likely safe, wherever they are. Tara finally pipes up, saying they're in a "real" magic shop and Buffy is quick to concur, "Maybe something magic happened." With an absolutely charming look of amused disgust, Giles exclaims, "Magic? Tsk! Magic's all balderdash and chicanery." He then amuses himself (and me) by ruminating on the fact that he seems to be a British man with glasses. Not amused, however, is Dawn, who confides her discomfort to Buffy. Smiling sweetly, Buffy strokes Dawn's shiny, shiny hair. Damn, that magical monk hair has the power to transcend any spell!

Another county heard from: Spike starts to make fun of Giles's "nancy-boy accent," and Englishmen in general when he suddenly hears himself speaking and realizes, "Sodding. Blimey. Shagging. Knickers. Bollocks. Oh god, I'm English." To which Giles dryly replies, "Welcome to the nancy tribe." Spike frets that he and Giles might be related, and it's decided -- partly due to what Anya calls a "ruggedly handsome resemblance" and Giles's "feeling of familiarity and disappointment" in Spike -- that they must be father and son. This being the Jossverse, Spike decides, upon very little evidence, that he must hate his father, and then jibes Giles for being with Anya, a much younger woman. Anya discovers her engagement ring, however, and assures Giles that they're engaged. This prompts a melting grin from Giles, and I realize how infrequently I've seen him with an expression like that. Poor Giles -- it's been a hard six years with very few reasons for all-out grins. No wonder he wants to go home.

Willow realizes that they should all be carrying identification and each of them scrambles to find his or her wallet. Strange sort of spell. They don't know who they are or what they've been through, but they do retain details of everyday living. Xander reads off his name as "Alexander Harris," and does a cute little wiggle at finding that he "exists." Willow mocks her first name (Tara shyly says it's pretty) and the two witches posit they might be friends from UC Sunnydale. Still standing together, neither Buffy nor Dawn is carrying any sort of ID. However, Buffy notices that Dawn is wearing a necklace that says "Dawn." I so don't get that whole fad. I mean, wearing a necklace with your own name? It's like you're a dog or something -- you might get lost and people will need to know what to call you. Dawn looks at the necklace upside down and jokes that she could be named "Umad." Giles finds his name, "Rupert Giles." Spike pats the pockets of his suit and comes up empty-handed. He does find a label in the suit, though, that reads, "Made with care for Randy"; he goes into a little rant about having been named "Randy Giles." "Why not just call me 'Horny Giles' or 'Desperate for a Shag Giles'?" Hee.

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