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The Harsh Light Of Day

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The Harsh Light Of Day

Thanks to Ace, Owen, Ash and all the Mediarama Buffy fans.

We open with a shot of Dingoes Ate My Baby playing at The Bronze. Oz has apparently mastered more than three chords, because the band doesn't sound terrible. Devon is wearing a T-shirt which exposes his navel and it might be sexist of me to say this, but I just don't think guys should do that. Willow and Buffy are sitting at a table watching the band when Willow points out Parker Abrams playing pool. She comments on the fact that Buffy is keeping her eyes on her own table and tries to tempt Buffy to look saying, "he looks so cute in green." Buffy corrects her, that Parker is wearing teal and she's watching him in the mirror. The camera closes in on said mirror and I don't see Parker but Xander playing pool. Oh wait, it is Parker. He just looks exactly like Xander. I wonder how Xander is going to react to seeing Buffy, his crush bunny, dating his doppelganger. Sort of like on Friends when Rachel went out with Russ. Willow wonders why Buffy isn't going over to talk to Xander, I mean, Parker. Buffy, it seems, doesn't want to crowd him. So let me get this straight. Saying "hello" is crowding, but spying through the mirror is okay? Fortunately Parker comes up behind Buffy and offers to walk her back to her dorm since the area isn't very safe. He rests his hand on her shoulder, and this draws my eye down to Buffy's blouse, which a moment ago I was happily ignoring. Jesus, Buffy's looking like the Rosarita refried-bean lady in another off-the-shoulder blouse. I'm phoning the Fashion Police and sending them right over to the Buffy set with a cease-and-desist order on all off-the-shoulder ruffled blouses. Buffy and Parker leave together and Buffy flashes a very cute smile over her shoulder at Willow and Oz.

Willow, Oz, and Devon are loading the equipment into Oz's van. Willow is carrying a guitar case, which is a nice detail, but according to Ace, from the way she's carrying it it's obviously empty. Oz and Devon discuss their Buffy-Angel crossover-event-inspired trip to L.A. for a gig. Willow is wearing the most hideous coat, which has what appears to be an entire sheep trimming the cuffs, collar, and bottom. If this is what Willow chooses to wear these days, maybe her mother should still be dressing her. Oz and Devon go back inside to grab more stuff and a blond girl approaches Willow, calling her name. Willow turns around to see Harmony, who we last saw as vampire kibble during graduation. Gee, I wonder how she managed to get away? Willow and Harmony banter back and forth about their summer vacation. Harmony wanted to go to France but didn't get to go. I'm having trouble paying attention to the dialogue in this scene because Harmony seems to have something stuck between her teeth and it's very distracting. Harmony says that Willow hasn't changed a bit and Willow, being polite, says, "You neither." Harmony disagrees, saying she has changed "a little," and vamps out. Well, knock me down with a feather, I sure didn't see that coming! Harmony launches herself at Willow and begins to feed. I hate to nit-pick, but I can't believe Willow would not know that Harmony was dead. Sunnydale is a small town, the tragedy at graduation would have been in the local paper for weeks.

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