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The Harvest (2)

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The Harvest (2)

Luke is on top of Buffy in the casket, preparing to nosh on her neck. Suddenly he sits back staring at his hand, which has been burned by the cross Buffy is wearing around her neck. The spunky Slayer takes this opportunity to boot the big bully in his breadbasket. Luke flips out of the casket and Buffy uses the chance to flee the mausoleum. As she runs across the cemetery grounds, she hears growling and a shriek and finds Willow pinned to the ground by a big vamp in leather pants. The leather pants are, of course, black. Buffy, apparently having used up all her quips in the pilot episode, settles for shouting, "Hey!" and then deals the vampire an oddly prissy kick to the face. The vamp flees (they're such cowards, aren't they?) and without helping Willow up, Buffy takes off running again. Willow dashes after her, and the girls spot Xander being dragged across the grass by two more vampires. Buffy makes short work of one of them by staking him with a broken branch. Willow rushes to Xander's side and, upon Buffy's questioning, Xander reveals that Darla has made off with Jesse.

Cut to a shot of a spinning globe and Giles pontificating about demon history. Apparently, demons ruled the Earth long ago but eventually lost their hold on this world. Now, mortal creatures rule the Earth and only a few demons remain. As Giles expositions, he is also walking around the library shelving books. I love a man who can multi-task, don't you? We don't see anyone else in the library, and I worry a little that Giles is talking to himself. I know the British are eccentric and all, but that's a bit much. Oh wait, Buffy, Xander, and Willow are there too. Phew, that's a relief. Giles and Buffy are giving Xander and Willow the lowdown on what they experienced the night before. Xander protests against having a serious conversation containing the word "vampire," while Willow sits quietly, looking pale. Well, paler than usual. Apparently a know-it-all from square one, Buffy mocks Xander's reaction, while he rolls his eyes behind his unfortunate feathered bangs. And I'm not even going to mention his shirt patterned with what appear to be green floating hamburgers. See, no mention at all. Giles explains that the "last demon to leave this reality fed off a human," mixing their blood and creating the vampire race -- humans infected with demon souls. Since then, the vampires have hunted and waited for the mortals to die out. All this rather belies the great number of demons we've seen since season two, but even I'm not snarky enough to hold the show's writers to vague premises established in the second episode.

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