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This Year's Girl (1)

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This Year's Girl (1)

Back at Joyce's, the girls are still going strong. The sound of approaching sirens can be heard in the background as Faith stabs the wall with her knife. She takes off towards the living room with Buffy close behind, but she has enough of a head start that she shuts a glass French door that Buffy doesn't have time to avoid and instead goes through. Mad props to Jeff Pruitt, that looked very cool. Buffy recovers quickly and drops Faith with a punch to the jaw, and the force of her fall takes out the coffee table. So on the furniture casualty list we've got: a vase, a drawer, two different portions of wall, a glass French door and now the coffee table. May they rest in peace. Buffy and Faith continue to struggle as Faith shoves Buffy into a glass-doored bookcase. Faith manages to find a second to put the device that the Mayor gave her on her hand. She grabs Buffy's hand and the screen goes all ripply but nothing much else seems to happen. Buffy and Faith stare at each other and then Buffy punches Faith extra hard and she falls down. Joyce runs in to ask after Buffy and then asks what it is she's holding. "Weapon of some kind," says Buffy who drops it on the floor and smashes it under her heel. Man, why does she always have to break the cool shit? The police knock at the door for some reason, instead of just busting in like everyone else in Sunnydale does. Buffy says that Faith is "their problem now," and Joyce asks if she's really truly okay. "Five by Five," drones Buffy to let us know that the device has caused her and Faith to switch bodies. Buffy tries to look all googly big-eyed insane for us and we fade to black.

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