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This Year's Girl (1)

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This Year's Girl (1)

Faith, dressed in a tank top and leather pants, runs frantically through a graveyard at night. Behind her, Buffy follows, walking deliberately and holding Faith's knife. Faith continues to run, constantly checking behind her to see how close Buffy is. The moonlight glints off the knife in Buffy's hand. Buffy walks, slowly, slowly, with a dire look on her face. Faith runs and then falls face-first into an open grave. Ethereal singing starts up as Faith looks up at Buffy from the bottom of the grave. Buffy jumps in after her and its starts to pour down rain. We hear noises of a struggle in the grave, and a hand grabs the upper edge. Faith slowly pulls herself out and stands in the rain, letting it wash over her. She starts to yell and in the hospital bed, the sleeping Faith's eyes open wide. Thank god Faith is back to her leather pants because watching her run in them is one of the best reasons to have her character around.

If you're the type of person that thinks a collect call is an appropriate way to tell your loved ones about your nuptials, just save them the five bucks because I doubt they want to hear from your free-loading ass anyway.

In her hospital room Faith looks curiously at her heart monitor and then makes a fist out the hand that contains her IV. She slowly sits up in bed, tosses aside the blanket, pulls wires from her chest and then pulls the IV from her hand, saying, "Ouch." She then, without even being a little unsteady from an eight-month-long coma, walks out of her room in her hospital gown into an empty, dark and dirty hallway. The ethereal voice from her dream is again singing as Faith, bare-foot, pads down the hall. In another unrealistic real-world fashion moment Faith's hospital gown actually closes in the back. A door at the end of the hall opens and a girl holding a teddy bear and gift bag enters, asking if Faith knows how to get to the third floor. Faith, still looking pale, doesn't know what the girl wants. The girl asks Faith if she needs help and Faith replies, "Graduation." She explains that she needs to get to Sunnydale High School's graduation and the girl replies that the school isn't there anymore. Faith looks freaked out and asks what the date is. When the girl replies, "February 25," Faith realizes she's been out of commission for a long time. The girl is getting suspicious of Faith's strange behavior and suggests that she should fetch a nurse. Faith snaps that she wants to know what happened to the school and the girl replies, "It was a tragedy really. Lot of students died. The principal, the mayor. I really think maybe I should get you some help." Faith stares at her, stony-faced.

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