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This Year's Girl (1)

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This Year's Girl (1)

Faith sadly surveys the ruins of Sunnydale High School. She then wanders down the Sunnydale main drag, as if disoriented and trying to get her bearings. Next we see her quietly walking down the stairs into the courtyard outside Giles's apartment. She sneaks up to the front door and watches the Scooby gang through a small window. Inside Giles's apartment she can see Giles, Buffy, Willow, Xander and Riley discussing the whereabouts of Adam. Giles wonders why they haven't found any more evidence of Adam and Riley suggests that he must be spending a lot of time charging his power source. Buffy wonders what Adam is charging up for and Xander suggests "killing spree." Riley says that's the best they can hope for from Adam and picks up the blaster we earlier saw Xander working on. He clicks one button and the blaster starts right up; Xander is surprised. As Buffy sits on Riley's lap, we see Faith peeking through the window in the door. Then Willow asks if perhaps Professor Walsh left any information about Adam at the Initiative. The Scoobies lament that they can't get into the Initiative and Riley says, "Speak for yourself. I'm just sayin'." Giles says an inside man at the Initiative would be great and Buffy asks Riley if he minds being "double-agent guy." Riley says he'll "share information" and that "it's the least [he] can do." Xander agrees with that. Giles's phone rings and after he answers it, he tells Buffy it's for her. We see that Faith is still outside eavesdropping. Buffy looks very upset about what she's been told over the phone and hangs up. Giles concernedly asks what the phone call was about and Buffy quietly says, "It's Faith. She's awake." Who was that on the phone? Why did they call Buffy? How did they know she was at Giles'? Unexplained plot devices tick me off. Shocked reactions from Willow and Xander. Buffy explains that Faith has disappeared from the hospital and Giles says they must find her. Nobody thinks to ask who was on the phone. When Willow reminds then about Adam, Xander says, "I'd hate to see the pursuit of a homicidal lunatic get in the way of pursuing a homicidal lunatic." Buffy says that Faith won't keep a low profile and should be easy to find. Giles asks what they will do then and Willow suggests, "beat the crap out of her" and grins. Buffy says it sounds like a good plan, but the more important question is whether to turn her over to the cops. She notes that the cops wouldn't know what to do with a Slayer. When Willow suggests the Council of Watchers, Xander likens the effects of that solution to "smothering a forest fire with napalm." Giles suggests turning Faith over to the Initiative but Xander thinks they're too evil. Or maybe that Faith is too evil. Not sure. Buffy says that Faith is her responsibility and Willow mournfully says, "That was the funnest coma ever." Buffy suggests that Faith could be terrified right now and perhaps doesn't even recall the events leading up to her coma. She says perhaps Faith does remember and is sorry, leading Giles to suggest rehabilitation. Buffy says they need to find her and the gang sits silently. Riley pipes up, "Who's Faith?"

Next day, Willow and Buffy walk across campus. Willow asks Buffy how she explained Faith to Riley and Buffy jokes she told him "that she's my wacky identical cousin from England and whenever she visits hi-jinx ensue." I know I said that wasn't going to encourage Willow's acting-out through clothing choices anymore but her demented yarn-people shirt is really testing my resolve. Especially when paired with that late seventies striped and flowered bedspread skirt she's wearing. Buffy then says she did tell Riley about Faith, but glossed over a few bits without lying. Willow asks how Buffy handled "the Angel-y parts" and Buffy says she did some "editing." She insists she will tell Riley about Angel but that explaining would be a long conversation and she needs to find Faith. Buffy hasn't found Faith yet and Willow notes that she isn't looking alone -- all the police in Sunnydale are probably looking for Faith too. Buffy says if she were Faith, she'd "get outta Dodge post-hasty," and suddenly a woman in front of them turns around. It's Faith and she grits out, "You're not me." Buffy looks shocked.

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