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This Year's Girl (1)

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This Year's Girl (1)

Buffy and Faith do the verbal face-off. Faith of course misses the point that Buffy didn't oppose her merely for a guy (Angel), but because Faith was going around killing people and aiding the Mayor's plot to destroy the world. At one point Faith is recounting a dream when Willow slips off her backpack and attempts to sneak behind her. Faith catches sight of Willow in her peripheral vision, but tells Willow that she'll lose an arm if she tries it. What does Willow think she's going to do with her piddly little backpack? Faith just woke up from an 8-month-long coma with nary a wobbling gait. She's indestructible. Unless, of course, Willow's taking organic chemistry and has her book in there. That ought to kill anyone. There's a reason they call them the hard sciences, y'know. Sirens start to blare and Buffy and Faith go at it. Man, I never get tired of watching those girls fight. The police pull up and Faith says, "You took my life B, and payback's a bitch." "Look who's talking," snits Willow. Faith takes off in the direction of the squad car and knocks the first officer down, climbs over the hood of the car to better kick the second officer in the face and takes off running. The girl Faith robbed for her clothes must have had one of those click bras and Faith has obviously clicked it up to maximum jiggle. Buffy goes after her but Faith scales a wall. When Buffy peeks over Faith is nowhere to be found amongst the random students hanging out on the lawn, although I got the distinct impression that if Buffy would just look down she'd find Faith crouched near the base of the wall on the other side. ["Hee. I thought the same thing." -- Ace]

The camera work doesn't prove me right, but instead chooses to torture me with a close-up of Willow's awful stripey shirt and some nondescript pants that belong to Tara. Willow thanks Tara for coming with her on the 'recon' mission to find Faith and Tara cracks a smile at Willow's use of the word 'recon'. Poor Tara is wearing some unfortunate scarf around her waist that's cutting her off in the middle and making her look as wide as the side of a house. Her posture isn't doing her any sort of favors either. I wish she would just stand up straight. It's giving me scoliosis just looking at her. Tara expresses worry that they might get in a fight (and does the cutest shadow boxing impression) but Willow reassures her. They agree to be on the lookout for Faith until sundown when the "ritual hiding" begins. Can someone please tell me what the point of this scene is? I'm going to have to set a moratorium on Tara and Willow scenes until they actually contain some plot development.

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