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This Year's Girl (1)

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This Year's Girl (1)

Xander and Giles are walking the streets of Sunnydale as Xander is blathering on to a very bored Giles about how much of a super-stud he is where Faith is concerned. As they pass an alley, they hear a noise and go to investigate. They find Spike and Xander tells him that they're looking for a rogue slayer. Spike sounds seriously concerned and after listening to their description says, "I'll tell you what I'll do then. Head out. Find this girl. Tell her exactly where all of you are. And then watch as she kills you." At their shocked looks he rolls his eyes and says, "Can anyone in your damned little Scooby club at least tryto remember that I hate you all." At this point Giles takes off his glasses because not only does he not have a purpose this season, he also doesn't have any lines in this scene. Spike continues, "Just because I can't do the damage myself doesn't stop me from aiming a loose cannon your way." Poor Spike forced to have a Chaotic Neutral alignment when all he really wants is to go back to Chaotic Evil. ["Uh-oh, D&D speak!" -- Ace] Spike brushes past them saying that he mistakenly thought the evening would be dull. Xander, with fake bravado, tells Spike that he'll never recognize Faith. Spike turns and walking backwards parrots back the description Xander gave him. "Dark hair. This tall. Name of Faith. Criminally insane. I like this girl already." Xander turns to Giles saying, "We're dumb." Um, Xander? I don't recall that Giles was the one to open his big patootie.

Back at the hospital, the frumpy nurse comes out to meet a black chopper. Note to self: beware the frumpy nurses of the world. They wield powers you cannot hope to understand. The men in leather stride purposefully up to the frumpy nurse and they go inside as menacing music swells.

Faith is walking the street of Sunnydale. And I do mean street. Sunnydale seems to have only one commercial strip. She pauses to admire some knives in a shop window when she's interrupted by a slowly cruising police car. She sees a group of kids walking towards her and pretends to blend in with their group until the car passes, and then ducks down a side street. A booming voice calls out, "Faith! A friend sent me. I got [sic] a little remembrance from him." Faith, not one to be weighed down by thought, snaps the demon's neck and takes the package he was carrying. At that moment a squad car comes cruising down the alley and Faith climbs up a conveniently nearby ladder as the cop's searchlight sweeps around, missing her by mere centimeters.

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