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Buffy and Giles are training in Der Zauber Kasten's gym facility. Giles is wearing round pads on his hands and is critiquing the punches Buffy is throwing at them. Sep and I have some critiques of Buffy's punches too, but I think Sep covered those in her last recap. As Buffy flails away, they discuss Giles going to the Watcher's Council for help with the Glory problem. Do you think I'll get a chance to make a Glory-hole joke this season? Ew, I grossed myself out. Tra la. Giles gets a little blissful just thinking about the CoW's main library and oh, how I love a man who loves books. Buffy apparently doesn't feel the same way about books, so she decks Giles really hard in the shoulder. Bitch. Buffy grills Giles about what he's going to tell the CoW, and he assures her that although he'll have to discuss Glory looking for the key, he'll not mention the identity of said key. Buffy doesn't trust the Watchers; Giles sees no alternative. Blathercakes. Giles makes a nonsensical reference to going to the Initiative for help if they still existed (um, wasn't it very clear that they had no interest in research of supernatural events, especially including those that "pre-date the written word" or whatever theory Tara came up with about Glory episodes ago?), and then mentions Riley. Buffy looks sad but assures Giles that she'll be okay about the break-up. He's sorry to leave her while she's feeling down, but she encourages him to go. I was going to ask why Giles can't just call the CoW and ask them to do the research, but then I remembered that they're a big bunch of boobies. If I was in Giles's shoes, I guess I might want to keep a close eye on them myself.

Front room, Der Zauber Kasten. The Scoobs are all gathered to discuss Giles's trip to England, displaying their usual nonchalance about stray customers overhearing their business. Giles is tying a silver tie, which combined with his blue pinstriped shirt is just about as ugly as the Zauber Kasten set. I still haven't been able to put my finger on what bugs me about this set so much, but I do know it's ugly. Anya is excited about the chance to run the shop, but Giles dithers about how difficult the task will be. Tara, looking lovely (except for the reefs and shoals of blue glitter eyeshadow), offers that a trip to England sounds "exciting and exotic. [pause] Unless you're English." Buffy and Willow are also eager to help out in the shop, which makes Anya uncomfortable. You know, seeing as so much of her new human identity revolves around her ability to...snooooore. Uh, oh, sorry, I put myself to sleep there. Now that I'm awake again, I've noticed that Willow is wearing a disturbing choker made of an O-ring and two pieces of chain. The O-ring is centered right over the front of her throat as if to say, "Poke here for maximum larynx crushage." Anya wants to run the shop alone, but Giles reminds her that dealing with customers takes finesse. "I've got finesse!" Anya protests. "I've got finesse coming out of my bottom." I think I had that one time too, after eating some bad seafood.

Willow again assures Giles they'll all help; Anya is irked, and she and Willow bicker, using Xander as their conduit. Sigh. This will get old quickly, even without sound. Attempting to deflect the unwanted attention Xander asks Buffy, "So, how goes the slaying?" Buffy offers that she killed something in a convent the night before, to which Xander quips, "In any other room, a frightening declaration. Here, a welcome distraction." Buffy admits the slaying was routine but, "Oh! But I met a nun and she let me try on her wimple." Xander: "Okay, now we're back to frightening."

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