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Triangle Xan, triangle Xan, doin' the things a triangle can

Anyway, Xander and Spike try to slip out but are met by Anya and Willow. After pointing out the troll, Willow says, "I wish Buffy was here." Enter Buffy and Tara. So Tara, who was so fired-up worried about Willow earlier, doesn't even LOOK at her, much less reach out across the great divide of five inches that separate them. Anya and Willow, the Bickersons, fill Buffy in. Willow starts her spell again but is interrupted by the troll. "You told the witch to do that, Anyanka. You seem determined to put an end to all my fun. Just like you did when we were dating." Everyone gives Anya a Look, but I'm inclined to sympathize with her. I mean, she was probably pretty young when she was going steady with Jerry the Troll, and heck, how embarrassed would I be if one of my first boyfriends suddenly showed up? We all make mistakes, people. Ugly, pompous, layabout, semi-stalkerish, poor-personal-hygiene-having, alcoholic mistakes. Although I must note that this guy's been trapped in a purple crystal for eleven hundred years, so I don't think he'd really be throwing around the term "dating." Who knows what they called making time back in the Dark Ages, but I'll bet that it wasn't "dating." Technically, he shouldn't be able to speak English at all, but I'm trying not to get overly nitpicky. I'll just go with the babel-fish or "universal translator" principle. This is a "wacky" ep, after all. Anya explains the backstory of dating the troll; Sep tells me that the music in the scene is "wacky hippos dancing music," and once again I'm glad I can't hear it. When Anya gets to the part where she turned him into a troll for cheating on her (and here I just thought that turning into a troll was what happens to you if you don't wash your hands after going to the bathroom), Jerry gets all Explainypants (tm Sep), protesting that "it was only one wench. I had had a great deal of mead." He goes off on a tirade, proclaiming that Anya and "all witches" must die, as Buffy prompts Willow to start the spell again. Alas, the spell gets flubbed, and Buffy takes this opportunity to start kicking some ass. Spike is right there behind her, but is quickly dispatched. Jerry shoves Buffy across the room with a tap from his hammer and she lands on Spike, who cops a few feels before letting her get back up. Ha! The lascivious look on his face when Buffy gets free is just priceless. The troll starts taking out support beams with his hammer, and the second floor collapses. Tables fall. People dangle from the rafters like little troll snacks. The troll runs off.

Back at the Bronze, the gang is helping pull beams and things off the victims. Spike is stabilizing a victim, and Buffy suspiciously demands to know what he's about. He tells her that he's not feeding off the victims because he knows that she wouldn't approve. Buffy's eyes narrow as she asks, "You want credit for not feeding off of bleeding disaster victims?" Spike answers in the affirmative, and she calls him "disgusting" before stalking out.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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