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So. Xander protests that choosing would be "insane troll logic." Jerry the Troll laughs and then snaps Xander's wrist in two. Willow and Anya scream instead of doing anything useful. Because, y'know, we've never seen Willow able to defend herself before. It's not like she's staked vamps with a floating pencil or anything, so it's totally out of the picture for her to be able to projectile-float said pencil right into some troll eye. When Xander again refuses to choose, Jerry says that he will be the one to die, and raises his hammer high. Anya supposedly grows as a character as she offers herself instead, but I'm just so damn tired of this episode at this point that I don't even care. Willow halfheartedly throws some fairy dust at Jerry, but instead manages to disappear the cash register. Again. Enter Buffy and Tara. Buffy engages the troll while Anya warns her that his strength is in the hammer. Willow tells Anya to distract Jerry while she works on the spell. Jerry throws Buffy around; Anya says vaguely amusing things like, "Your stance is merely mildly alarming and your roar is less than full-throated." Willow finally manages to part Jerry from his hammer, but Jerry still has the upper hand in a fight because of his troll strength, until he makes the tactical error of insinuating that Xander and Anya's love will never last. Because if you remember from last week, central to Buffy's beliefs of what is Just and Right in the Universe is the tenet that Xander and Anya share true-capital-T love-capital-L. Not. So Buffy gets her (very tired-looking) kung-fu bitch on and slaps Jerry around a bit while Willow and Anya fuss over Xander. Long story short, the troll is dispensed with.

Back at the Summers', Joyce brings in tea for Giles and Buffy. Giles jumps up to help her with the tray. Aw, how sweet. Joyce expositions that she doesn't "understand why the other Watchers made [Giles] go all the way to England when they don't know anything." Giles explains that they're going to look into it based on the information Giles has given them. Which doesn't really at all answer Joyce's question. Or explain why Giles couldn't just CALL them. Maybe he needs to look into a new long-distance plan. You can get some pretty groovy low international rates these days. Buffy asks Giles about the key, which is just a dirty writers' trick so that they can have Dawn, standing nearby on the stairs, overhear enough of their conversation to know that there is Something Going On.

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