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What's My Line?, Part II

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We open with a wider shot of our Slayer Mexican standoff. Buffy, out of breath, tells Kendra to repeat her claim. Kendra asserts that she's the Slayer. Buffy tells her to pull the other one, that she's the real Slayer, but Kendra, becoming an early adopter of that nowadays-very-sound manifesto with the utilitarian title of "Ignore Everything Buffy Says," says there can be only one, and she's it. Buffy proposes "no kicko, no fighto" until they can go to Giles and figure out what's up, and Kendra agrees. Buffy asks if Kendra was dispatched to Sunnydale, and Kendra confirms that her Watcher sent her. Buffy snottily asks why, but Kendra duhs her: "To do my duty. I am here to kill vampires."

In a nice cut, we see sunlight pouring in through the window of Willy's supply room. The camera pans right to show Angel huddled in a corner, presumably with only minutes before he'll be in direct contact with the light. And remember, this was back in the days when sunlight actually killed vampires, rather than merely causing them slight daytime travel inconveniences. Creepy baroque music plays as the camera pans in on a shivering, panting Angel. Credits.

Library. Giles is in the process of interviewing Kendra. He learns that her Watcher is called "Sam Zabuto," and says that although they've never met, he knows that he's very well respected. Unless I say otherwise, assume that Buffy is snitty in every comment directed Kendra's way in this episode. Not that I'm not going to use some form of "snit" more than any other word in the rest of the recap, but I just thought I'd warn you, so you're not burdened with pesky things like pattern detection. Kendra introduces herself, and tells Giles she has no surname. Buffy: "Can you say 'stuck in the eighties'?" If only that were true. Shakira, are your ears burning? Kendra, for her part, continues to ignore Buffy as much as possible. I like her.

Willow enters, and Kendra immediately accosts her. Buffy: "Back off, Pink Ranger!" Thanks, Buffy. Two minutes in, and you've got me picturing Amy Jo Johnson's rodent-like face. Blech. Although there is an in-joke there, if I'm not mistaken, as Sophia Crawford was both Amy Jo's stunt double on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and SMG's on Buffy. Anyway. Buffy tells Kendra that Willow's her friend, and Kendra doesn't understand. Buffy, somewhat disingenuously missing Kendra's unspoken point, snots that she's out of ideas, and I'd like to throw "The Yoko Factor" in her face. Giles explains to Kendra that a few "civilians" know about Buffy's Slayer identity, and even socialize with her. Kendra's appalled, as the Slayer is supposed to work in secret, for security purposes. As I said above, I like Kendra, but frankly, I think keeping a Slayer's identity secret would be well-nigh impossible over time, especially in a small town like Sunnydale. I mean, all you need is for one demon or vamp to survive a fight with her and the whole community would hear about it, right? Giles stammers that with Buffy, some flexibility is required. Giles, you really should have been a diplomat. Willow asks what's going on, and they tell her. She says she thought two Slayers at the same time wasn't possible, and Giles agrees, saying that the new Slayer is only called after the previous one's death. Meaningful glances all around. Giles says that since Buffy was, for a moment, physically dead, it caused "the activation of the next Slayer."

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