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Who Are You? (2)

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Who Are You? (2)

Previously: Adam bored the viewing audience; Buffy vowed to take him out (I mean kill him, not treat him to dinner); Faith was in a coma but woke up; Faith switched bodies with Buffy.

Little establishing note: I'm going to refer to Faith in Buffy's body as Fuffy and Buffy in Faith's body as Baith. And thanks to the most excellent Sep for coming up with those terms.

Fuffy and Joyce stand on the Summers' front lawn as a detective thanks them for calling the police. Joyce gently wraps a coat around Fuffy's shoulders which causes her to smile. The detective says they're going to check "Faith" (Baith) out and if she's in stable condition, take her to jail. EMTs wheel Baith out on a gurney; her vision is very blurred and she looks up at Joyce and Fuffy as she's lifted into the ambulance. Fuffy takes Joyce's hand and holds it, looking like the cat that ate the canary. The detective says, "I'm glad we finally got the kid," and Fuffy snaps, "She's not a kid," but realizing her mistake, amends, "I just mean that she's very strong." The detective says he's aware that Faith is dangerous and leaves. Fuffy smugly says, "She truly is," and goes into the house.

Joyce, in an ugly boat neck sweater, follows Fuffy into the living room and asks why she thinks Faith "is like that." Fuffy suggests that Faith likes being the way she is and Joyce disagrees, stating that Faith is a very unhappy person. Fuffy shifts from foot to foot and suggests that some time in jail might straighten "Faith" out and snots, "I'm sure there's some big old Bertha just waiting to shower her ripe little self with affection." At Joyce's surprised exclamation, Fuffy apologizes and then crinkles up her face, saying she's just upset thinking about how Faith might have hurt her mom. Joyce is touched and hugs Fuffy, who makes an "eww" face and jerks away. In order to cover, she claims to be bruised from the fight. Joyce tells Fuffy she's missed her and Fuffy is very satisfied to hear that her assumption from last episode was correct. Joyce hopes they can spend some time together and seemingly pisses off Fuffy by referring to Faith as a raving psychotic. Fuffy tells her to count on them spending time together and goes upstairs to take a bath.

Fuffy soaks in the bubbly tub, admiring her new arms and legs, although since both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku are young, slim and lovely, I'm not sure why Faith would be so entranced with Buffy's body. Guess it's just joy at fulfilling her big desire to actually be Buffy. Or maybe Faith always feels herself up in the tub. After the bath she inspects her new face in the mirror, sticking out her tongue and fiddling with her eyebrows. She practices her Buffy act by simpering, "Why yes, I would be Buffy. May I help you?" The comic montage continues with Fuffy, wrapped in a towel, experimenting with different ways to say, "You can't do that, because it's wrong." She never delivers the line with much conviction but seems amused with her Buffy impersonation and laughs.

Elsewhere, Baith struggles wildly in a hospital bed. She's yelling that she needs to get home to protect her mother, but a doctor injects her with a sedative. Baith continues to struggle until she passes out. Eliza's Buffy-in-Faith's body isn't as convincing as Sarah's Faith-in-Buffy's body, but I'll cut her some slack considering that it's probably easier to impersonate nutty slut than a fairly normal college girl.

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