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At home in the kitchen, Joyce is struggling with a crowbar to open a crate of artifacts for the gallery, which probably should have been delivered to the gallery, but let's not quibble. Buffy is wearing white-on-white, which is not really an attractive look for anyone. Buffy tells Joyce about the tryouts. Joyce, preoccupied with her crate, tells Buffy all the things that a mom is supposed to, but Buffy stops her to ask if Joyce knows what Buffy was trying out for in the first place; Joyce doesn't know because she's distracted by all the work that needs to be done to prepare for the gallery's first show. Joyce gives up on the crate and picks up a clipboard to check on some numbers. Meanwhile, Buffy flips open the crate's lid with one hand. Buffy tells Joyce that she's trying out for cheerleading, and Joyce is pleased to hear it because Buffy "stopped cheerleading just before the trouble so it's good [she's] going back." Buffy is surveying the contents of the fridge as Joyce opens a crate and says, "Oh dear." She replaces the lid and tells Buffy that's it's only a fertility statue and it's nothing that Buffy needs to see. Buffy tells Joyce about Amy and her mom, finishing with, "Sounds like her mom's pretty into it." "It sounds like her mom doesn't have a lot to do," says Joyce, accurately assessing the situation before leaving the room. Buffy, a little put out that Joyce didn't pick up on her plea for more attention, lifts the lid of the crate a few inches to check out the fertility statue before exclaiming, "Jeepers," and quickly replacing the lid.

In the gym the next day, the cheerleader tryouts continue. Whoever makes the team will have their names posted in the quad after lunch. Quick decision. I just find it so odd that they wouldn't have chosen the new cheerleaders at the end of the last school year so they wouldn't have to go for even one day without an elite trained squad of snobs and bitches to make life a living hell for the less fortunate. At least that's how they did it at my school. So anyway, they start with a group performance, and a nervous Amy flubs a cartwheel and crashes into Cordelia. This is the saddest collection of cheerleaders I have ever seen. ["Ever seen an all-girls'-school cheer squad? That's the saddest collection of anything you've ever seen, trust me." -- Sars] I don't believe for one moment that any of these girls would slam me to the ground and stand on my chest mocking me in front of the whole school the way Tricia Connelly did in ninth grade. Cordelia is very worried that Amy's mistake will affect her chance to join the squad.

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