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Library. "First vampires and now witches. No wonder you can still afford a house in Sunnydale," Xander quips. Giles idly wonders why anyone would wish ill on Cordelia, "Maybe because they met her?" ventures Willow. "And what about Amy?" wonders Giles. Buffy puts two and two together and realizes that they're both cheerleaders. This leads to the speculation that Amy is the culprit. Giles wants some proof before they confront Amy, so Willow and Buffy go to see who has checked out the books on witchcraft. Hey! My school didn't have any books on witchcraft. I guess you miss out when you don't go to high school on the Hellmouth. Xander tries in vain to dissuade them, but despite his efforts the gang learns that he is responsible for all the missing witchcraft books, which he checked out so that he could ogle the semi-nude engravings. What a freak -- can't he just snag his dad's Playboy like a normal guy? Meanwhile, Giles has found a witch identification spell. He reads off the ingredients, most of which are available in the science lab. For some reason the directions really crack me up: "Heat ingredients and apply to witch." If Amy is the culprit, her skin will turn blue.

Xander and Willow sit in biology class as their teacher lectures on dissecting frogs. Xander attempts to remove the eye from his frog but gets squeamish, so Willow takes over, quickly plucking the eye out and dropping it into a beaker of liquid. Across the room, Buffy approaches Amy, claiming to need help with the science experiment. As Buffy fiddles with her fuzzy-topped pencil (I remember when those were so popular a few years ago), Amy points out the ingredients for the experiment should be in obviously labeled bottles. Buffy fakes embarrassment and then drops her pencil in an extremely contrived manner. I wouldn't recommend going out for the drama club, Buffy, if that's the best you can do. When she reaches down to grab it, she takes the opportunity to reach into Amy's bag and steal some hair off her brush. Buffy stands back up and grins at Amy, who gives her a strange smirk. Buffy then crosses the room and dumps the hair on the lab table in front of Willow, who adds it to her concoction. She then pours some of the liquid into a test tube and gives it to Buffy, who walks across the room and spills it on Amy's arm. Amy's arm turns blue where the liquid splashed her, but before she and Buffy can do anything there's a commotion across the room. Another one of the cheerleaders has fallen victim to Amy's spell-casting. This one suffers the horrible fate of having poorly blended stage make-up caked over her mouth. Or her mouth has disappeared. However you choose to look at it, I guess. The girl moans behind her bad makeup job, and a reaction shot shows Amy to be fully shocked.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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