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Giles breaks into Catherine's attic room and finds all the creepy voodoo Barbies hanging from the ceiling. As he looks at two dolls laced together, one with a defaced head, he assures Amy that he will be able to reverse all of her mother's spells. He starts to search for Catherine's books and, in a goofy throw-away moment, is startled by a black cat that leaps from a trunk. Salem Saberhagan, was that you? He continues his search for the correct books as Amy gathers all of Catherine's dolls. Amy and Giles hurry downstairs, and Giles scoops Buffy off the couch. He carries her out of the house while instructing Amy to accompany them.

In the gym, the Sunnydale boys' basketball team comes running out onto the floor. Loud music plays as the Sunnydale cheerleaders do their thing, Catherine as Amy amongst them. Xander and Willow sit in the bleachers, looking apprehensive.

Giles carries Buffy into one of the science labs and lays her out on a lab table. He tells her to hang on and starts to prepare his magic.

Back in the gym, Catherine Madison is cheering away and looking victorious as the crowd roars and the game continues behind her.

Giles speaks Latin and English incantations as he mixes liquids and Amy helps with the preparations. In the gym, Catherine cheers but can suddenly see the science lab through Amy's eyes. In turn, Amy can see the events in the gym and informs Giles the spell is working. Catherine, executing some damn cheerleading thing where you stand on other people's hands, starts to get woozy and falls, knocking down the other girls. She glares at everyone around her and they back away from her. She then runs out of the gym and heads for the science lab. As she comes through a door, she runs into Willow, who attempts to distract her while Xander sneaks up behind. Catherine senses Xander and uses her powers to choke him and them decks Willow in the face.

In the lab, Giles continues his very long spell, including a part where he shouts, "Take of mine energy and be sated," and then plunges his hands into a tub full of dry ice. Buffy looks like she's about to expire. Catherine, looking like nine kinds of evil, continues through the school hallways towards the science lab. She grabs the door and struggles to open it and then grabs a fire ax and begins to hack at the door. As Giles shouts, "Release," over and over, Catherine stomps into the lab and swings the ax high over Buffy's inert form. Suddenly, however, Catherine looks very disoriented and lowers the ax. Buffy sits up, obviously feeling much better, and inquires, "Amy?" Amy, back in her proper body, replies, but suddenly Buffy is knocked down by the crazed Catherine Madison. Exactly what was Giles doing this whole time? Giles finally attempts to come to Buffy's aid, but Catherine smashes him with a lab table. She then uses her magic to snatch the ax from Amy and begins to harangue Amy for ruining her life. She threatens to put Amy "where [she] can't make trouble again." Oops, Buffy has another idea -- she pops up behind Catherine and tosses her across the room. Catherine gets back on her feet and begins to cast a spell, sending a huge bolt of purple energy towards Buffy. At the last second, Buffy flips down a large mirror and sends the bolt of magic back towards Catherine, who is engulfed by it and vanishes screaming. Buffy gives Giles a hand up and checks that everyone is okay. Giles hopes that all the spells were reversed, claiming this as his first casting, and Buffy calls him "a god" for saving her life. As Buffy, Giles, and Amy smile, Xander bursts into the room and grabs Amy, yelling for the others to cut her head off. Buffy and Giles explain the body-switching, and then Willow rushes into the room, swinging a bat and shouting. Xander tells her everything is okay and that he "took care of it."

Buffy is in her bedroom, tidying, when her mother walks in and says, "I don't get it." She tries to explain to Buffy that she just can't understand her and mentions a "biological imperative whereby I can't understand you because I'm not sixteen." I really like Joyce, but she doesn't sound like the sharpest stake in the weapons chest when she misuses words like "biological imperative." Buffy asks Joyce is she ever wishes to return to being sixteen and Joyce expresses a definite lack of interest. Buffy tells her she loves her and gives her a peck on the cheek.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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