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Summers home. Tara, the only responsible person left in Sunnydale, is making pancakes for Dawn's breakfast. Dawn frets about Buffy and Willow being "in a ditch somewhere," and Tara again tries to allay Dawn's anxiety. She pauses as she hears voices outside the kitchen door. Willow walks in with Amy and boom! There's great awkwardness in the kitchen, as Willow is shocked to see Tara and Tara assumes that Willow's bringing home some new girl she pulled after a night out. Willow introduces Amy to Tara, and Tara is attempting to make a (stuttering) exit when Willow clarifies, "Amy. Amy the Rat?" Amy starts babbling about how much has changed during her ratly years, and then Tara's face turns to stone as Amy continues, "[Willow's] a freakin' amazing witch now. I couldn't even keep up with her last night." Willow tries to hush Amy, but she doesn't get the hint and proceeds to give more details, including a quaint little story about Willow making someone's mouth disappear. Tara is obviously heartbroken (again) and hurries out, despite Willow's attempts to engage her in a conversation about stuff she left behind.

As Tara leaves, sad-sack Buffy drags her sorry ass into the kitchen. She attempts to tell Dawn she's fine, and then excuses her condition by saying she had an all-night fight. She also assures everyone that they're safe from whatever big bad she was supposedly fighting. Buffy then attempts to change the subject by asking about Tara's presence. Ah, yeah. She was watching your sister, Buffy. The one you neglected in favor of a room-temperature booty call. Willow has to explain that she too failed to come home last night, although in my opinion that's her business. Buffy is the only one in the house with an obligation to watch over Dawn and keep her apprised of her whereabouts. Buffy asks Dawn if she's okay a few times and makes a really lame apology ("I'm sorry about everything." I'll bet you are, Buffy). Amy leaves to go to her dad's house, and Buffy and Willow take their pathetic selves upstairs to sleep. Dawn's doing her best to be cheerful and accommodating, but looks sad. I've seen neglected puppies that get more attention than Dawn. Maybe Buffy should return Dawn to the pound if she can't be bothered to care for her anymore.

Upstairs, Willow lies down on her bed, still wearing her shoes, jewelry, and leather coat, which seems strange. I've been dead beat before but never too much to at least shuck my coat and shoes. She attempts to use magic to close the curtains, but can't get the spell to work. After a few attempts, she has to actually walk the five feet and close the curtains herself. Poor, poor Willow, Not. As she lies back down, she looks worried.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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