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Der Zauber Kasten. Xander, Anya, and Buffy are still researching the freeze ray incident. But I think they have a much bigger problem on their hands, as Anya's obviously been struck by a nefarious hair-frosting demon! Since last episode, her hair has turned from its usual honey-blonde color to a pus-yellow, marcelled mess with dark, dark roots. The effect isn't improved by the black blouse with turquoise polka dots she's wearing, which just clashes with her hair. Somebody look up a reverse spell and help her! When I'm done washing my eyes out with saline to mitigate the effects of seeing Anya's hair, I return to the TV to find some wacky wedding hijinks I'm not even going to discuss, except for the fact that Xander brings up Martha Stewart and Anya confirms that Martha's a witch. Which makes our girl Sep scarily prescient after her riff in last week's recap. No mention of Martha's henchvamps, though. Buffy calls the bickering couple back on task, but reacts badly to Xander's suggestion that they involve Spike in the search for the freeze demon. That idea shot down, Anya suggests that Willow help, but Buffy explains that Willow is still home sleeping. Anya and Xander roll their eyes at the news of Willow's all-nighter with Amy; Xander is critical of the fact that Willow made herself "a playmate to do magic with. Someone who won't monitor her like Tara." And then we swiftly move into the portion of the conversation wherein (1) more anvilly parallels are drawn between Buffy and Willow's situation, and (2) Buffy makes a conversation about her in-trouble friend all about her and her secret nookie. Buffy sure has a fixation with keeping her vampire boyfriends secret, doesn't she? I think not feeling comfortable telling your friends who you're sleeping with is a clear indicator that you need to step back and take another look at what (or who) you're doing. So, to sum up Buffy's defense: Willow is "going through something," "has reasons for acting this way," and is an adult who doesn't need her actions monitored. "Who are we to be all judgey?" ends Buffy's all-about-me rant. Xanya explain that they were merely making observations. Which is fine, because I think it's normal for people to worry about their friends and discuss them when they're not there, but then they need to go to those friends and talk to them directly.

Nighttime. Amy and Willow are walking past the Espresso Pump. Hey, I was just wondering what happened to that place. We don't see very many scenes set there anymore. Party gal Amy is up for magic hijinks, but Willow complains of the aftereffects of last night's binge, including the loss of her powers for most of the day. Willow wants to take it easy, but suddenly Amy's all pusher-man and tells Willow she knows a guy: "He knows spells that last for days and the burnout factor is, like, nothing." What? You know a guy, Amy? You've been a damn rat for three years. You think any contacts you made in high school would still be around? Plus, what sort of ret-con is this on Amy? Sure, she dabbled in high school and didn't seem much worried by ethical use of magic, but she didn't seem into anything very extreme. And extreme seems to be the only thing offered by "the guy" she takes Willow to. Seventeen minutes into this episode, and everything goes to complete and utter crap. So, Amy's improbable magical contact will take them to "places [they] can't even imagine." Which has never, ever been any sort of focus of spell-casting that I can recall on this show. So far, Willow's magic addiction has been more about abuse of power and feeling above the rules than on trippy mind-blowing escapism. Willow wants to know if it's dangerous, and Amy counters, "Would that stop you?"

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