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Trancy music plays as Amy spins and spins in the center of the room. Rack lounges on the couch, holding a tiny glass globe in which a tiny Amy spins and spins. I jump up to excavate the poor, shivering cat from under a pile of cow dung. When I come back, Amy's spinning arms are leaving trails. Trails, people. Sheesh. Willow's (and Amy's) magic addiction is no longer like a drug addiction -- it is a drug addiction. The magic makes them high. Therefore, the magic is a drug. Therefore, there is no metaphor. Which I find extremely painful. I mean, first Willow's problem with magic was like an addiction. I actually found it more useful to think of it as an eating disorder -- anorexia or bulimia -- because those addictions are often about control. Addiction to narcotics seems more like they're about losing control. Anyway, so we're going along fine with Willow abusing her power and needing to control the emotions of those around her, which was interesting. Then, in the course of this episode, we've had a specific addiction (drugs) pinned to Willow behavior, and then we've had the metaphor stripped away completely, as well as any remnant of Willow abusing power. Now she's not an abuser; she a victim of a nasty dealer-man. I was very disappointed by all of Season Five, but I still never thought I'd see a Buffy episode as ham-fisted as this one. Some people have speculated that we'll return to dealing with Willow's control-freak issues later in the season, and I certainly hope so, because seeing her end up in Spells Anonymous holds no interest for me.

Anyway, Rack looks up, and we see that Willow is pinned to the ceiling. She writhes slowly, ecstatically. When she open her eyes, the floor of the room becomes a writhing green jungle. In the jungle, we see a flash of a creature and then a naked girl's body is dragged under a bush. ["I don't see why anyone would get off on being stuck in one of those lame Magic Eye 3D pictures." -- Sep] Suddenly an awful monster roars out at Willow and she drops from the ceiling onto her face. She lies unconscious for a time and then suddenly, eyes huge and black, she's magically zipped from Rack's place to the Bronze, to outside the magic shop, to the floor of her room at the Summers home. Actually, I didn't know it was her room at first and thought, "What the hell is Willow doing in a room furnished in high Victorian by spacey '60s hippies?" I mean, there's pampas fronds, a bamboo ottoman, and a mirrored wardrobe! But her bedroom it is. Anyway, it's the next morning. Which I want y'all to note, because it becomes important later on my list of why this episode sucks ass.

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