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Willow and Dawn are reviewing dinner, which Dawn ate and Willow didn't. Then they discuss Dawn's visit with Tara; Dawn says Tara was sad, and Willow is disappointed to hear that Tara didn't mention anything about her. Eventually, Dawn realizes that they aren't really on their way to the movies, and Willow admits that she has to make "one quick stop first."

They appear in Rack's junkie lounge for junkies, which Willow describes as "cool." One day on narcotics and she's already going blind. The cloaking spell may be cool, but the environment? Surely not. Assuring Dawn that she'll only be a minute, Willow heads into the back room, leaving Dawn wondering if they'll make the nine o'clock movie.

The clock reads 10:05. I can't believe Dawn has been sitting patiently for over an hour! I had to wait fifteen minutes at the hairdresser this weekend and really considered just leaving. A stinky junkie sits down next to Dawn, so she hops up and paces. In Rack's room, Rack asks "Strawberry" if she can "handle some more." He sends a bolt of red energy at Willow, who is hovering near the ceiling looking blissed out. We see her floating in deep space, fingers trailing out to touch the stars. Then there's a shaft of red light; out of it walks the monster from the last magic session, this time with a limp female in his arms. Willow screams, which Rack seems to find amusing.

Spike's all gently sleeping in his lair when a large...object...plops onto his chest and wakes him up. I really thought it was a loofah, but I guess it was a candle, as we quickly cut to Buffy, who's holding another one in her hand. She bitches about Spike sleeping like the, um, dead. He makes a little tongue-wiggling face and says, "Had a long night." Which he did, two nights ago. Crappy writing. But shhhhhh...be very, very quiet, as I've managed to distract Marti even further with my Spike action figure. She's trying to figure out how to get its clothes off and hasn't noticed that I hid her bat. Camera pulls out, and we get a full shot of naked Spike semi-profile. Buffy tosses him his pants and tells him Dawn's missing. "Again? Ever think about a LoJack for that girl?" grumps Spike. I'm thinking more "shackles in the basement and no parole until she has a decent plot," but that's just me. In the ensuing conversation, Buffy tells him that Dawn is with Willow; Spike thinks that's a weak excuse for coming by; Buffy clarifies that Willow is into something bad. Spike recognizes Rack as someone who "deals in magic. Black stuff. Dangerous." Apparently, Buffy couldn't find Rack's hangout because she's not a witch or a vampire. I guess coming back "wrong" from the dead doesn't make one the kind of high-class customer Rack is looking for. Buffy turns her back when Spike stands to dress and gets teased for it, of course.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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