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Back at Rack's, Dawn is still waiting. It's almost eleven, so she finally flounces up to the door Willow disappeared through. As she goes to open it, Willow wanders out, high as a cat on the 'nip. I'm worried here -- Marti's presence seems to have stopped the falling anvils, but she's finished with the Spike toy and is rooting around for her baseball bat again. I hid it under a pile of feminist literature, though. I don't think she'll look there. Willow's solid black eyes freak Dawn out, but not as much as they should, I don't think. They leave Rack's place. As they wander down an alley, Willow has an inappropriately jocular reaction to Dawn's anger and mocks her for just wanting to go home. She assures Dawn that everything is fine. But it's not, because the demon from Willow's bad trips is stalking the alley behind them. OUCH! Dammit, Marti found her bat and she's smacking me around again. My arms are covering my face, but I manage to notice that the bat now reads, "WILLOW'S METAPHORICAL DEMON HAS BECOME A REAL DEMON!" Good God, Marti, lay off! But you know what I think would have made this episode better? If they'd gone with the phrase "monkey on your back," and made Willow's demon a monkey. A monkey chasing Willow and Dawn down the alley would be a laugh riot. Monkeys are never not funny.

Spike and Buffy bicker. Oh, ew -- Spike's wearing his pimp-daddy chain again. Wish he'd cut that out. Buffy accuses Spike of "drawing out" the search to spend time with her, but he scoffs, telling her things have changed since they had sex. "Last night was the most perverse, degrading experience of my life," insists Buffy. Yeah, but you like it like that, don't you? Plus, IT WASN'T LAST NIGHT!! It was the night before. Jesus God, who's steering the good ship Buffy these days? Did anyone read this script over as a whole, or was it written by a committee of people all locked in separate dungeons? All in all, however, this is the most productive conversation Buffy and Spike have had so far, mostly because Buffy isn't stomping off in disgust. Spike's all, "Your calling is dark, yadda," and then soulfully admits that she's had him "by the short hairs" because of his love for her. However, he knows she "felt something" during their night together, so now he feels more like his old self. His old "Dru's bitch" self, would that be? Who's he kidding? With his unerring sense for ruining the moment with Buffy, he tells her, "The next time you come calling, if you don't stop being such a bitch, maybe I will bite you." Ha! I'd like to see him try. Buffy's always been able to kick his ass. Right now, though, she just settles for whining that she wants him out of her life. Spike tells her she needs him, plus is she willing to risk not finding Dawn just to "spite" him?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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