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Dawn. Alley. Nervous. Willow stoned. Willow stoned means Willow walking all floppy and sticking out her lips. Like Sep said, don't be doing the magic if it makes you look like a dumb-ass. Dawn hears growling and starts to hurry off. She runs right into Willow's demon, but Willow assures her, "It's okay. He's not real!" I wish my having to recap the rest of this episode weren't real. Willow's demon says she summoned him, raised him with her magic, and I'm wondering if her magic can get him the cosmetic dentistry he so badly needs. The demon slashes Dawn across the face (maybe Willow could conjure up a manicure for him as well?). Willow and Dawn run like hell. They come across a car, and Willow commands, "Open!" The doors open. Once she and Dawn are inside, she shouts, "Close!" She used magic to close the car doors. Damn, Willow, what do you do in the bathroom, girl? "Wipe! Flush!" Willow uses magic to drive the car, and the encounter with the demon hasn't sobered her up much. She giggles as the car screeches all over the road and yeah, it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Or as my family is fond of saying, "This will end in tears." Which it what happens next when the car slams right into a brick wall. Okay, since I didn't hear Willow do any "Seatbelt!" spell, I'm going to assume that neither one of them were wearing seatbelts, and I find it hard to believe that both of them wouldn't have gone straight through the windshield and done a face-plant right onto that wall.

Wondering what happened to Marti? I faked a phone call from Joss, and told her they needed her on the set to deal with a desperate situation. Yep, informed her that Marsters got a dark tan over the weekend and his current shirtless scene isn't shooting well. She was outta here so fast she left skid marks.

Dawn climbs out of the wrecked car, holding her left arm. She goes to check on Willow, but is jumped by the demon. Growl, growl, fight, fight. Dawn attempts to scramble under the car. Nearby, Spike and Buffy hear her screams. More fighting between Dawn and the demon. He corners her, but Buffy is finally on the scene. Buffy and the demon fight; Spike rushes to Dawn's side. As Buffy and the demon face off, it suddenly begins to shake violently, emit billows of smoke, and then burst into flames. It's a really cool effect, because the eyes begin to burn first and brightest, and as the whole body collapses into a shower of sparks, you can still see the falling, flaming eyes.

Willow stumbles onto the scene right after the demon disperses. Her eyes are all black and her hands are crackling with red energy. I'm not sure what went down there, really. Maybe she zapped it dead, or maybe it vanished for some other reason. Buffy glares at Willow because she's all pissed that Willow would take her sister nasty places, and of course Buffy didn't at all leave her sister completely unsupervised in this very episode just to get laid, so I guess it's okay that she's all righteously angry about poor child care choices. After glaring some, Buffy goes to Dawn and decides to take her to a doctor. Willow rushes around fretting about Dawn's injury and apologizing, but Buffy isn't having it. She tells Willow to stay away from her sister. Willow ignores her and starts babbling apologies at Dawn, who slaps her with her good arm. Buffy and Spike escort Dawn away, leaving Willow behind them, sobbing that she's sorry. She even falls to the ground in a big fit of melodrama. Huh. I don't buy it. I think Willow's right at the stage where she's apologizing but also trying to make it everybody else's fault. "There was a demon! I told her to wear her seatbelt! I got some bad acid! The car had faulty steering!" Whatever. Buffy and Spike pause, and then Spike continues to escort Dawn as Buffy turns back for Willow. "Get up," she snarls. Willow would prefer to wallow, however, sobbing that she "screwed it up," including things with Tara. Buffy's like, yup, you did, and hauls Willow to her feet. Willow says she can't stop. Here's what gets me about that -- she didn't even TRY to stop. Have we even seen Willow try? No. Never. Feh. I don't want to be all Oldy McInspirational, but "how do you know you can't if you don't try?" Buffy says Willow can stop, and then Willow utters the most absolute crap line of a crap episode: "God, I need help!" Sigh. I'm too tired to even bitch. Thank goodness those last three anvils missed me, because I'm too exhausted to duck. "Help me please," Willow sobs, falling into Buffy's arms. Buffy hugs her, but her face looks cold.

Later, Willow is sitting on her bed, wrapped in a blanket. Buffy comes in and explains that Dawn's arm is fractured and will take some time to heal. Crash! Smash! Plop, plop, plop! Do you get it? Things amongst the friends are "fractured" and will "take time to heal." Apologies from Willow. Buffy, arms crossed, says she can't understand what Willow is doing and why she took Dawn. Quietly, Willow admits that she thought she controlled the magic, but instead the magic controlled her. Because that's not at all a painful cliché. Her problem began before Tara left, and she realizes it's why Tara left. "If you could be plain old Willow, or super Willow, who would you be?" says Willow, and Buffy replies, "You don't need magic to be special." Okay, this insecurity is a little more touching and more in keeping with Willow's basic character, but she did help before with her hacker skills and, like Xander, with her love, loyalty, bravery, and dedication to the good fight. Willow claims that without the magic, she was just "some girl" that Tara didn't even know. That's a nice point, too. Willow's incredibly deep insecurity leads her to believe that her witchiness, rather than her Willowness, was what Tara loved. Buffy assures Willow that Tara loves her, and I wish she'd toss in that she loves Willow too, because I miss the way they used to tell each other that, but I guess you can't go home again. The script missteps again when Willow says, "It took me away from myself," which sounds like escapism. I buy the magic making her feel special and that being compelling to her, but not that Willow needs escapism. Buffy says she understands the need to escape, but "it's wrong. People get hurt." She sits on the bed with Willow, who says she was out of her mind. "It won't happen again, I promise," she continues, and Buffy agrees, "I think it's right. To give it up. No matter how good it feels." Or how cute, muscular, blond, and hung it is. Oops. Willow says she won't miss the headaches, nosebleeds, or "keeping stinky yak cheese in [her] bra." My grandma used to keep money in her bra, or as she called it, her "budge." "Don't ask." Buffy is happy not to. They both say, "It's over." Later, we see Willow tossing and turning in bed, seemingly going through symptoms of physical withdrawal. Buffy sits wide awake in her room. Strings of garlic festoon every window and she holds a cross in her hands.

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